April 30, 2008


Have you ever had a week that is all about you? Well this past week was all about our Al. She has been rehearsing for the past five months for a musical that the elementary school performed, "Alice in Wonderland Jr.". In December she tried out and got the part of a flower groupie. Her favorite thing about the flowers was that they were snotty. They got to call Alice "Crab Grass" and not let Alice into their special Girls of the Golden Afternoon Club. Well Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Al was able to show off all hers and of course all of the kids hard work. They did a wonderful job and it was lots of fun to watch. In addition to the play Al turned 8 on Thursday. So there was much celebration, presents, goodies and all of that. And just when you would think the fun was over she was able to be baptized this past Saturday. Due to the fact that all her Grandma's and Grandpa's were visiting from California for her baptism they were able to see her perform in the play. Most of our friends didn't realize we had that much family. Her baptism was a wonderful day filled with soccer, :) All of the kids had games in the morning which was fun for them to get to take their grandparents to, family, birthday cake, we finally had time to sing a birthday song to Al, and a wonderful baptism. S. and A. did the talks and Al's little friends gave the prayers and Aunt Sharonda and cousin Jill took care of the music. We appreciated everybody who was able to be their and support Al and our family. It was a wonderful, busy, week. And as Al said "All about me, when can we do that again?" Well if I know Al she will figure out someway to be back in the lime light.

April 23, 2008

Izzy our English Mastiff

A lot of people have wondered about our dog.  Her official name is Isabella "Our California Girl" of Manoah Mastiffs.  I know that is a big name but she is a big dog.  We call her Izzy just make things a little more simple.  We brought Izzy home in January of 2006 at that time she was about the size of an adult Cocker Spaniel.  Today she is around 160 lbs and about 27 inches tall.  We have been told that she is still growing! Her papa was 270 lbs and over 30 inches tall.
Izzy is an English Mastiff and we decided to bring her home for many reasons the first being that she looks scary and Brent has a job where he isn't always home.  She makes our home look protected and hey would you want to walk into my house if you knew she was wandering around?  The scariest thing about her is that she thinks she is a small dog and can't figure out why she can't sit on our laps.  We have had to deal with her not wanting certain people to come into the house.  She is always at the front door making sure you are an invited guess in the house. She doesn't like it when Brent and I fight and has been known to sit on which ever one of us is causing the fight.  She opens the back door on her own and if it is locked she rings a bell to let us know she wants out.  She is wicked smart and great with the kids.  She is a big commitment! But we love her and don't know what we would do without her.

April 17, 2008

S. is now 11 years old and is counting down the days until she turns 12. She is in the fifth grade and says math is her favorite subject. She stays pretty busy with swimming and soccer. This past year in addition to a regular AYSO team she has been competing on an All Star Team. She has really enjoyed it and is really looking forward to a tournament that will take place in Hawaii this July. She still loves swimming and is still competing when she can.

A. is 9 years old and is the professor of the house.  He is our silent man whose brain is in constant motion.  He reads and reads and reads and soon will read me out of house and home.  He enjoys video and computer games and he loves playing sports.  In January he made the city swim team and continues to play soccer, basketball and anything that I let him. 

Al will soon be eight.  As in next week soon.  The best part of school she says is 3:25 when pressed for a better answer then that she says recess is pretty good too.  She is the queen bee around our home and none of us will deny it.  She loves art, friends, singing and most of all enjoying her life as diva supreme.

H. is five now and I am not allowed to say, "The Baby of the Family," (did you know five year olds can hit, hard?) He is Brent's shadow and follows him all around the house trying to fix everything he can.  For Christmas he asked and not to our great intelligence received real tools.  He is very active and goes, goes, goes all day long.  Recently we pulled his training wheels off his bike and now we have a hard time catching him.