April 23, 2008

Izzy our English Mastiff

A lot of people have wondered about our dog.  Her official name is Isabella "Our California Girl" of Manoah Mastiffs.  I know that is a big name but she is a big dog.  We call her Izzy just make things a little more simple.  We brought Izzy home in January of 2006 at that time she was about the size of an adult Cocker Spaniel.  Today she is around 160 lbs and about 27 inches tall.  We have been told that she is still growing! Her papa was 270 lbs and over 30 inches tall.
Izzy is an English Mastiff and we decided to bring her home for many reasons the first being that she looks scary and Brent has a job where he isn't always home.  She makes our home look protected and hey would you want to walk into my house if you knew she was wandering around?  The scariest thing about her is that she thinks she is a small dog and can't figure out why she can't sit on our laps.  We have had to deal with her not wanting certain people to come into the house.  She is always at the front door making sure you are an invited guess in the house. She doesn't like it when Brent and I fight and has been known to sit on which ever one of us is causing the fight.  She opens the back door on her own and if it is locked she rings a bell to let us know she wants out.  She is wicked smart and great with the kids.  She is a big commitment! But we love her and don't know what we would do without her.

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