April 17, 2008

S. is now 11 years old and is counting down the days until she turns 12. She is in the fifth grade and says math is her favorite subject. She stays pretty busy with swimming and soccer. This past year in addition to a regular AYSO team she has been competing on an All Star Team. She has really enjoyed it and is really looking forward to a tournament that will take place in Hawaii this July. She still loves swimming and is still competing when she can.

A. is 9 years old and is the professor of the house.  He is our silent man whose brain is in constant motion.  He reads and reads and reads and soon will read me out of house and home.  He enjoys video and computer games and he loves playing sports.  In January he made the city swim team and continues to play soccer, basketball and anything that I let him. 

Al will soon be eight.  As in next week soon.  The best part of school she says is 3:25 when pressed for a better answer then that she says recess is pretty good too.  She is the queen bee around our home and none of us will deny it.  She loves art, friends, singing and most of all enjoying her life as diva supreme.

H. is five now and I am not allowed to say, "The Baby of the Family," (did you know five year olds can hit, hard?) He is Brent's shadow and follows him all around the house trying to fix everything he can.  For Christmas he asked and not to our great intelligence received real tools.  He is very active and goes, goes, goes all day long.  Recently we pulled his training wheels off his bike and now we have a hard time catching him.

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