May 16, 2008

No More Pencils, No More Books, No More Teachers Dirty Looks!

I am so excited for the kids to start summer vacation. Nine more days and it will finally be summer. Utah's winter seemed to never end it has really only been the last couple of days that it finally started to get warm. I swear I feel like I am frozen right to the middle. Nine more school days and it will be summer vacation. Which means warm, warm, warm summer sun. Oh and I guess it also means Sam and I will be heading to Hawaii. I guess I can endure that torture. We are excited for everything that we have planned for the summer. Right now life is busy, busy. Tomorow is the last games of AYSO soccer I am so excited, making sure four kids get to four games every Saturday has been hard. They love it and Brent and I spend Saturday trying to figure out how the heck to do it. And enjoying watching them play of course!

H. and Al are also playing t-ball, and softball they are both loving it. This is H.'s first year and I just love watching t-ball. Everyone runs the wrong direction, they dog pile on to the ball, and chase each other all over the field trying to tag out the runners. It is great! I think we all should play t-ball! Al is playing her third year of base ball and is on a coed machine pitch team. She is doing ok but you know our little princess does it how she does it. She says she is having a blast so in the end that is what counts.

S. is still swimming, in fact as I write this she is at a swim meet with dad. I just received a phone call that she raced her first mile race in 23 minutes. Which for you tri- freaks out there you know is pretty darn good for a 11 year old. A. is swimming also but he says he isn't ready to compete yet. And honestly with everything going on I am not pushing him down that road any faster then he wants. The school year is wrapping up nicely.

Thursday we attended H.'s pre-school graduation. He participated in the troll and the billy goat gruff skit. He was the troll and it was way funny. He put his mouth right on the microphone and screamed, "IM GOING TO EAT YOU!" everyone laughed which of course encouraged him to do it louder each time. It is so crazy to think that next time I am at a pre-school graduation I will be a grandma.

Monday H. has his kindergarten evaluation. Our school offers an all day kindergarten to those kid who are at high risk. They test all the incoming kindergartners. H. thinks that means he is starting kindergarten on Tuesday. So wish me luck when I have a cranky boy who can't go to school next week. There is a ton more going on but I'm sure all you soccer moms out there know what the end of the school year is like.

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