May 28, 2008

Schools Out! Schools Out! Hip Hip Schools Out!

As previously stated I am so excited that school is finally out.  It is going to be a nice change of pace and I am very much looking forward to the change.  Of course it does mean I have to go back to work.  But I really can't complain because I am just working through June and then I get the rest of the summer off.  And lets face it I only work twelve hours a week so it doesn't cramp the summer plans to much. Monday is already packed full of summer fun.  I go back to work to teach all those little kids to swim.  I just love when the college kids come back to the pool in the summer because that means they get the big kids and I get the three year olds.  Who you just have to love because they worship you even as you are dunking them in the water. 

S. is starting tennis lessons which she is way excited about.  She has been warned though that this is a summer only thing and I don't care how much she likes it she will not be on a team, she will not compete, it will end. Ok, yes a little harsh but she is already involved in way to much.  I can't keep up and she is already making noise about student body president next year and orchestra and hey mom what if..... Ahh does she realize there is only one of me to get her everywhere she wants to be. Speaking of which she competed in a swim meet last night and this morning she did awesome.  Of course (I know shut up already) she qualified for a few more state events which makes her happy.  She also swam the 400 IM for the first time and qualified for state all at once. So in addition to tennis lessons on Monday she has a student counsel end of the year party and soccer practice. 

S. doing the Breast Stroke!

Al is looking forward to Monday because she is going to work with mom and taking two swim lessons.  She is hoping she can make it through all the levels this summer and join the swim team with the other kids. 
A. has swim team practice and H. has t-ball.  The coolest part of it al NO SCHOOL!! Ok I am acting like a kid but with all the running to and fro I will actually get to spend a few minutes with my kids and they get to spend time with me because they love me.  I try to never let them forget this!

Yay Summer, Can't wait to hear what exciting plans you all have.  Hopefully everyone has a great summer.

Oh hah almost forgot Brent's and mine 13 year anniversary is on Monday also.  Go figure 13 years how can I even be old enough to be married for 13 years.  I must have added wrong.

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