May 22, 2008


All right enough is enough.  I am cold, somebody has obviously not sent mother nature the memo that it is spring.  Today is May 22.  Do you know what that means it means that it is suppose to be warm.  WARM I TELL YOU!!  I am so tired of it being cold. And for you that are thinking, "Hey it is warm here."  Well it is NOT here.  I am wondering if I have pulled a Rip Van Winkle and somehow missed summer.  Is it October should I be preparing for Halloween?  Because with a high in the low 50's rain in the valley and snow in the mountains it certainly leads me to believe that it is OCTOBER.  I have spent the whole season of soccer freezing and now I am spending the whole season of baseball freezing.  I'm so tired of freezing that I am going to . . . . Well I have no clue what I am going to do.  I am going to rant and rave on my blog! So the world (ok, well maybe not the world because who else is even reading this besides me) will know not move to Utah because it is never, never, never warm here. (ok, that is a gross over exaggeration but right now I'm ranting) I keep thinking it is time to put the winter clothes up but I can't because it is cold.  Do you all understand that it is cold?  Please I beg you if it is warm where your at send some heat this way.  I promise to love you for life.:)  Ok I'm done hope you enjoyed my rant and my summer music that hopefully sends a message to mother nature. SUMMER PLEASE!!!!!!


Race Fam said...

Hey it's not only Utah, Its raining outside right now, and it's been windy and chilly. I'm ready for the summer too, I know that 70 sounds nice but I'm ready for the 90's.

Liv said...

I was just talking about how lucky we have been that the tempature (here in Houston, TX) has only reached the high 80's!!!! Don't worry though soon you will thaw out and I will be a dripping mess of humidity and tempurates of abt 95-105! :)

SAS said...

It is cold here too! last Friday it was 104, but today it was 70 and breezy and it poured! I was ready for hot, swimming weather to stay.