May 24, 2008


WOO HOO the High Today was 64.  It is practically a heat wave.  I know you California girls are chillin with that 70 stuff.  But right now that sounds blissful.  Ok enough complaining about the temp.  I did use the cool weather to inspire me to scrap some fun sled pics.  I'm just learning how to get them into the computer after I'm finished so bear with my imperfections.  

Last night was the father and son camp out so Al and I watched movies and hung out.  Every time S. came home she came up with another reason to leave.  She didn't come home for good until 9:30.  It is hard to realize that she thinks she is to big to hang with her mom and little sis.  When did she decide to grow up and is there anyway I can revoke that particular right. :) Next year I am going to be a grouch and force her to stay home.  Tie her down with ropes and tell her she is having fun until she does.  Do you think that will work?  "Big Sigh" probably not, right.  Meanwhile, after the boys got home A. said,"Mom, dad never let me out of his sight every where I went he was there."  Ok, well if I had a child not happy with my presence it makes me giggle that Brent had one too.  H. said, "It was the best time ever can we go tonight." Well as the saying goes, "You win some you loose some."


Shelbywho & her boys said...

Wow your kids are old too! Tyler never wants to spend time with me. I love to pay him back by yelling to him "I LOVE YOU" as he steps away from the car at school. He can't shut the door fast enough. Thanks to power windows he does'nt get off that easy! Love you guys, Hope to see you guys sometime soon.

SAS said...

Hello swimmom! It's nice to see your day-to-day excitement. I'm glad you are looking forward to summer too! Have fun at the swim meet.