June 30, 2008

A Post From A






June 28, 2008

A Little Annoyed, Shame on Me!

I have to confess that today I was a little annoyed with Brent.  He usually fertilizes the gardens every Friday but for some reason he didn't do it yesterday and today while on his way to work he called and asked me to do it.  Needless to say I was a little annoyed, in my defense I was doing laundry and his job is fertilizing.  Well I almost forgot to fertilize, which would have been a bad thing, and by the time I remembered it was 8:30.  Good thing it doesn't get dark until 10 around here.  So out I went to fertilize and to be annoyed.  Well as I was doing the front flower bed I noticed these little guys flying around the Lavender.  Isn't he cool( click on him to get a up close view).  I don't think I have ever noticed his type before.  I had fun grabbing the last little bit of light and taking this picture.  Which of course I wouldn't have been able to do if Brent hadn't sent me out to fertilize.  So the lesson here, sometimes chores even when there not yours can turn in to a reward.

I know how lame am I that a bug is my reward.  I know you are so jealous of my life you can hardly stand it.

June 26, 2008

Our Summer So Far!

A picture I wish hadn't turned out fuzzy but is cool anyways

A day finally warm enough to swim

Check out A.'s Mo (or as Brent calls it Fo) Hawk.
Sometimes I wonder if this kid is going to turn out right.

Oh Well at Least I still have this one and 
she seems to think everything is thumbs up
And this one is just happy that at last dad submitted
to a pool in the backyard even if it messes up his grass
Hope your summer is splashin along.  We have a fun couple of weeks coming up.  Today is my last day of work for the rest of the summer. Yay Me!  Next Friday I will run (ok jog slowly) my first 5k. Ending the day with some very cool fireworks.  Hey, it isn't ever day that you get fireworks after you run (Ok, yah I know jog slowly).:) The next day our niece is getting baptized and just a few days after that ALOHA! Don't you just love SUMMER!!!

June 23, 2008

Great Quote

I read this quote and just had to share,

Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, Satan shudders & says 

"Oh crap.... she's awake!!'

June 22, 2008


Long story short this weekend S. played in a soccer tournament. Her team made it to the finals at the end of the game they were tied. The game then went into overtime, the end of overtime they were still tied. So then the game went into a five player shoot out. At the end of the shoot out, they were tied. So then it went to sudden death. Each team taking a shot until somebody missed. We missed! So the girls took second in the tournament. However, it was a really good game and probably took about 3 years off my life. It was way exciting!
It got me to thinking about being a mom. Watching those girls play you hold your breath and you want so hard for each and everyone of them to do their best. For me it isn’t even so much if they win or not but that they do their best. There is no better mom pay check then when your kid turns to you and they have THAT grin on their face. Do you know the one I mean? The one that says “Hey mom, this is awesome, and I am so happy.” It is in that smile that all those moments of being a mom that suck, yes, there are those moments, all of the sudden disappear and all that is left is THAT grin.
This weekend just wasn’t about the sweat, tears (those girls play hard) and running until S. couldn’t breathe. She learned that hard work and teamwork are a reward. Which makes me want to take a small pat on the back because that is one of those lessons I want all the kids to learn. An added bonus this weekend was Al who for some reason totally got off on being water girl. The girls weren’t allowed to leave the field during quarter break so we had to bring the water to the sideline. Well Al was totally on it and each quarter she was there with Sam’s water. Big tear, from mom who was happy to see a little sister looking up to a big sister who I think is a great example.
My heart is full today of the joy and the reward of being a mom to such four great kids with THAT grin!

June 16, 2008

Our Vegie and Flower Garden

Brent keeps pestering me to post some pictures of our Garden's.  His being the vegie garden and mine being the flower garden.  Somewhere he has developed a farmer complex and spends his days trying to figure out where to add more gardens into our shrinking yard.  We have watermelon and pumpkins mixed in with our flower beds and he has plans for even more next year.  I think I may have created a monster.  So I put the pictures in a slide show so you don't have to scroll through the many pictures of plants.  Even though I know that it is very exciting and you don't have much of anything else to do today. I'm sure he will want more pictures posted as soon as our giant pumpkins start growing.  Apparently they are suppose to weigh 400lbs when they are done.  What in the world do you do with a 400lb pumpkin? 

June 14, 2008

The Best Songs To Run To!

Ok, What are the Best Songs that you Run, Move, Shake your groove thing to.  Let me know!

June 13, 2008

Running a 5K?

Ok so friend of mine has convinced me that it is a good idea to run a 5k July 4.  And I said I would do it and now I am kinda thinking, "What am I thinking?" July 4th is like 3 weeks away and I have to run 3 and 1/3 miles.  That is a long o way.  Got out this morning and ran 2 miles (when I say ran I mean moved my arms in a running fashion while racing the snail on the trail beside me, I think the snail won)  but that leaves me 1 and 1/3 to go.  I should take bets if I make it or not.  I will make it, at least I'm pretty sure I will make  it and if I am the last one in I am the last one in.  Another friend's brother was recently diagnosed with Leukemia and they are having a 5k for him in August and I really want to do that (He is 31 has four kids and has to have a bone marrow transplant along with 2 years of chemo) so I can do this.  I can do this, I can do this. So any of you runners out there leave me tips.  

June 12, 2008

Photo Junky

If you are as big of a photo junky as I am you need to check out this website.  It is really cool http://boston.com/bigpicture/. Or follow my link to The Big Picture.

June 11, 2008


Just getting ready to leave for work and my house is freezing cold.  So went to check out the weather sat down looked out the window and it is snowing.  Yes people you heard me it is snowing on June 11 there is snow.  I think I need to look in to that RiP Van Winkle theory a little more.

June 09, 2008

Hard to Believe

S.'s all star team played their first tournament this weekend.  They did awesome! I won't go into details as to the why but they are playing all of their games 9v11.  They took on the two teams that placed 1st and 2nd in the tournament and one other team.  The other team they shut out 8 to 0 which isn't to shabby.  The 1st and 2nd team they lost to but did not get shut out.  They managed to hold their own even down 2 players.  It was really fun to watch and we are getting more and more excited about our trip to Hawaii. 
On our way home from the tournament on Friday Brent asked what we had going on Saturday.  I was quiet for a long time and Brent said, "Really we have that much going on that you can't tell me it all."  I thought a moment longer and said, "No we don't have anything." "Not anything," he said.  "No not a single thing, no place to go, no place the kids need to go, nothing were suppose to get done, nothing," I said.  "I think your wrong Krissi, there has to be something." "No I'm telling you nothing." "Well surely your forgetting something." "Nope nothing,"I said.  So we spent the whole day doing what we consider nothing.  It was awesome and how sad is our life that we couldn't believe we had a whole day free.  When did life get so busy that a day off seems like a miracle. 

Well here is to a day off take one it is a great feeling!!!!

June 03, 2008

Pay Very Close Attention to What My Son is Doing!

Do you think he knew I was taking pictures?
I swear I have taught him better then this.    
Bet you didn't know you fly from base to base.

H.'s Best Buddy Miss Sara

Just a little summer fun with Izzy

P.S. Read this article today and thought all you mommy bloggers would like it check it out