June 28, 2008

A Little Annoyed, Shame on Me!

I have to confess that today I was a little annoyed with Brent.  He usually fertilizes the gardens every Friday but for some reason he didn't do it yesterday and today while on his way to work he called and asked me to do it.  Needless to say I was a little annoyed, in my defense I was doing laundry and his job is fertilizing.  Well I almost forgot to fertilize, which would have been a bad thing, and by the time I remembered it was 8:30.  Good thing it doesn't get dark until 10 around here.  So out I went to fertilize and to be annoyed.  Well as I was doing the front flower bed I noticed these little guys flying around the Lavender.  Isn't he cool( click on him to get a up close view).  I don't think I have ever noticed his type before.  I had fun grabbing the last little bit of light and taking this picture.  Which of course I wouldn't have been able to do if Brent hadn't sent me out to fertilize.  So the lesson here, sometimes chores even when there not yours can turn in to a reward.

I know how lame am I that a bug is my reward.  I know you are so jealous of my life you can hardly stand it.

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