June 22, 2008


Long story short this weekend S. played in a soccer tournament. Her team made it to the finals at the end of the game they were tied. The game then went into overtime, the end of overtime they were still tied. So then the game went into a five player shoot out. At the end of the shoot out, they were tied. So then it went to sudden death. Each team taking a shot until somebody missed. We missed! So the girls took second in the tournament. However, it was a really good game and probably took about 3 years off my life. It was way exciting!
It got me to thinking about being a mom. Watching those girls play you hold your breath and you want so hard for each and everyone of them to do their best. For me it isn’t even so much if they win or not but that they do their best. There is no better mom pay check then when your kid turns to you and they have THAT grin on their face. Do you know the one I mean? The one that says “Hey mom, this is awesome, and I am so happy.” It is in that smile that all those moments of being a mom that suck, yes, there are those moments, all of the sudden disappear and all that is left is THAT grin.
This weekend just wasn’t about the sweat, tears (those girls play hard) and running until S. couldn’t breathe. She learned that hard work and teamwork are a reward. Which makes me want to take a small pat on the back because that is one of those lessons I want all the kids to learn. An added bonus this weekend was Al who for some reason totally got off on being water girl. The girls weren’t allowed to leave the field during quarter break so we had to bring the water to the sideline. Well Al was totally on it and each quarter she was there with Sam’s water. Big tear, from mom who was happy to see a little sister looking up to a big sister who I think is a great example.
My heart is full today of the joy and the reward of being a mom to such four great kids with THAT grin!

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