June 26, 2008

Our Summer So Far!

A picture I wish hadn't turned out fuzzy but is cool anyways

A day finally warm enough to swim

Check out A.'s Mo (or as Brent calls it Fo) Hawk.
Sometimes I wonder if this kid is going to turn out right.

Oh Well at Least I still have this one and 
she seems to think everything is thumbs up
And this one is just happy that at last dad submitted
to a pool in the backyard even if it messes up his grass
Hope your summer is splashin along.  We have a fun couple of weeks coming up.  Today is my last day of work for the rest of the summer. Yay Me!  Next Friday I will run (ok jog slowly) my first 5k. Ending the day with some very cool fireworks.  Hey, it isn't ever day that you get fireworks after you run (Ok, yah I know jog slowly).:) The next day our niece is getting baptized and just a few days after that ALOHA! Don't you just love SUMMER!!!

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Race Fam said...

I'm so jealous that you get to go to Hawaii. We went last year, it was so fun! You have to go snorkeling! It was a blast.