July 31, 2008

Top Ten Reason's Summer Should NOT End

Ok all of you moms out there who are starting to complain about the long summer days.  There is moaning about children fighting, boredom lack of routine and the serious need for school to start again.  I have only one thing to say to this. STOP!!! Summer must not end.  We must embrace and enjoy the summer because at the end of the summer there is only one thing.  One horrible, unavoidable thing. WINTER!!!! I have not fully recovered from the past winter.  My bones are still chilly even the mention of winter starts me shivering. 

So I have created list of the top ten reasons to LOVE SUMMER!

#10.  You get to Swim! Swimming is awesome it cools you off, it gets you out in the sun, the sun has important vitamins that we all need, and swimming is exercise at its most fun. 

#9.  Baseball, who doesn't love a summer evening at the baseball field.  Way better then a fall evening of football. Trust me!

#8. Long afternoons sitting in a beach chair reading a great book with no where to go.

#7. Family Reunions, who doesn't love a good ole family reunion where Aunt Jo says the same thing every year, "Well look at you I remember when you were just a tiny thing.  How old are you now 16? 33 Well where did the time go?"  See family reunions are awesome where else are you permanently 16?

#6. Camping, camp fires, sleeping on the ground, delicious smores.  Really do I have to go on.  The smores alone SHOULD convince you that summer must not end.

#5. Fireworks, friends, BBQ.  Yes, I am aware that if we don't have winter we don't have Christmas but if we keep summer we keep parties that end with fireworks.  The good kind not the kind that end relationships.  YAY SUMMER!!

#4. Number 4 is for you and what you like best about summer?  And NO you can't say that it ends that is not an option in this post.

#3. Flowers, Gardening.  Fresh veggies from the garden pretty flowers that you grew yourself. It just feels you up with all kinds of happiness.  When in the winter can you find that kind of happiness?  It can't be found I tell you it can't.

#2. Homework, be honest here do you really miss homework?  Notes that have to be signed and the day to day questioning of, "Did you do your reading, Do you have any notes from your teacher, Why didn't you tell me about this a week ago, it is due tomorrow."  Really, really do you want to deal with THAT?

#1.   IT IS NOT WINTER! Have I not made my point as long as the kiddos are home it means one very important thing.  IT IS SUMMER and NOT WINTER.  Just remember every time those monsters are driving you crazy the top 10 reasons why it is a GOOD thing they are home.


July 28, 2008

Garden Update! All things Giant.

Today's blog is a story of a little seed.  While planting in the garden we noticed a tiny little plant was coming up.  We had not planted any seeds where the plant was coming up but we decided to let the plant go and see what it was.  We thought it might be zucchini because it was very close to where we had planted zucchini last year.  Well time passed and this plant is what started to grow and grow and grow and grow............... do you understand well keep scrolling .....

and grow and grow and grow...... Today this is our little seed.  It was a sunflower.  I had planted them in the garden last year and somehow this guy decided to come up all on his own this year.  Notice the first picture is of Andrew and the Sunflower late June.  This is the sunflower today.

Are you starting to realize how huge this thing is?

Brent says that currently it measures 13 feet. And it just keeps growing and growing well you get the picture. 

This is the first of our giant pumpkins.  Which I really haven't given it any justice to its current size.  But trust me it is big and just like the sunflower getting a little out of control.

Notice the pumpkin vine making its way up the fence.  Already it has reached the other side and is sprouting a bloom that could turn into another pumpkin.  Which means I could have a 400lb pumpkin hanging on my fence.

And what exactly am I suppose to do with that?

Well at least the snapdragons are behaving and looking pretty.

Even if these guys are getting a little big at least they're cool to watch grow and move with the sun each day.

Meanwhile we are starting to enjoy visitors in our tiny garden, this little humming bird spent the morning checking us out, and spending time in a garden just a little out of control. 

July 26, 2008

Learning to tie your shoes

Do you know what happens when you have four children.  You start to forget what you have taught and what you haven't taught the youngest.  H. is so independent that there are times, many, many, times that we forget he is only 5 and there is probably a thing or two that we have not taught him.  Take for example tying his shoes.  We taught him that, didn't we?  Well yesterday he walks into our room, looks at both Brent and I while holding his Sunday shoe and says,  "Do you think you could teach me to tie my shoes?"  Um...well... yah sure we can do that.  While we both look at each other wondering where did that come from.  So Brent being the awesome dad he is showed him how to tie his shoe.  H. spent the rest of the night doing this.

Notice the concentration.  This is some serious stuff man.  Tying your shoes does not happen every day.  Well ok for most of us it does but it is summertime this kid is living in sandals so you know serious stuff.

However, this has given me the giggles and sent me searching for my camera.  What is with the tongue?  This boy has spent most of his life with his tongue out figuring something or other out. I love being a mom!  What would I do without my monsters?

July 25, 2008

Hey! I guess having people over isn't that bad!

I survived I will put up pictures and share our very fun ice cream party with you all soon.  Maybe I might even explain the pictures I posted that don't have any information.  Did I mention the jet lag thingy and oh yeah the PMS thingy.:) Talk to you soon.

Aloha, Tuesday July 15, 2008. Our Last Day.

July 24, 2008


Today is the 24th of July and for those you in Blog world not from Utah, that means absolutely nothing, well, except that it is the 24th of July.  However, for those of us in Utah it is a day of celebration.  A day where we remember the pioneers who settled Utah and do a little fireworks, BBQing, you know party.  Except for when you know haven't planned to do anything because your still dealing with jet lag and the reality that you are no longer enjoying the sunny beaches of Hawaii. "sigh" So you say to your neighbor, "Hey what are you doing tomorrow for the 24th? and she says,"Nothing what are you doing?" Then suddenly you are saying, "Why don't you bring the kids over we will have ice cream and do fireworks."  Then she says, "Great, but don't you think you better invite so and so." Then you say, "Oh, ok." Then before all the "That's great but shouldn't you invite so and so," are over you have 40 people showing up at your house.  

Hello! What was I thinking?  I do not party and I certainly do not spontaneously party with 40 people.  What the heck have I done to myself?  Also, can anyone tell me why it is so hard for boys to pee in a toilet?  Sorry had to ask that one because you know I am trying to get my house cleaned up and once again I have been amazed at where pee ends up in my bathroom.  Wait, what is that on my ceiling?  Gee what is wrong with these boys?  So wish me luck send your prayers and hope that I don't crawl under the covers and hide from everyone.  WHAT THE HECK HAVE I DONE????

Aloha, Monday July 14, 2008

July 23, 2008

Aloha! Sunday July 13, 2008

On Sunday we went to Pearl Harbor.  It was one of the most moving experiences of my life.  I don't think I have ever been somewhere that you could feel the history of the place all around you.  As we stood on the U.S.S. Arizona memorial my heart was full for the men you lied beneath us.  I don't think I have felt so strongly about being American since 9 11.  I felt sad about how passive I have been about being an American and the rights we have.  I came home with whole new perspective on the election and my beliefs on who I feel should run this country. How could I look at the names of all these men almost 2000 of them without my heart feeling grateful for all that they did and the service they gave to America.  
After we returned to our hotel room Brent and Sam had cooked up this little surprise for my birthday.  Our friends and Sam sang Happy Birthday to me.  It was cute for Brent to put this together and I appreciated the thought.
Later that night we hit the beach of Waikiki pictured below is Sam riding a wave.  She had a blast and I enjoyed a little Birthday nap on the beach.  Did I mention that in order to go through the Pearl Harbor museum you have to be at the museum by 6:30 am.  It is crazy how many people visit the museum daily.  However, if I ever go back to Hawaii I would not miss going again.

July 22, 2008

Aloha Saturday July 12, 2008

A little hard to see in the small pic but if you click on it you will see that as the girls played there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky above them. There were times that while we were there that you would suddenly look up and be amazed at how beautiful Hawaii was.

This picture was taken above Hanauma bay. After the girls finished playing soccer Saturday morning we headed over to this bay to try snorkeling. We were all a little skeptical and not sure if we would really enjoy it but EVERYBODY said we had to do it. I have to say it was one of the coolest things I have ever done. While you are swimming the sea life completely ignores you and just goes about doing their own thing. We saw some of the coolest fish we have ever seen. It was amazing.

July 21, 2008

What Alex said to Henry.

While sitting in the other room playing on my blog I hear Alex say to Henry, "Henry quit talking to yourself it is freaky."  LOL!!!

Aloha! Friday July 11, 2008

Pictured above is Sam with her friend Racail.  We were outside the Bishop museum in Waikiki.  I'm not sure exactly what this guy is but they are every where you go.  I probably should find out who he is and what he stands for.  The next picture was the girls picking his nose.  Not posted because... um... gross!! One other funny fact about this picture is you will notice that the girls are wearing their soccer shorts, socks, shoes but not there shirts.  This is because the night before her coach bravely offered to wash all of the uniforms at his beach house.  Later he told the girls he didn't sign up for that kind of stink and dirty.  He told the girls he better not catch them in their shirts outside the soccer field.  Girls can be gross!!

July 20, 2008

Aloha! Thursday July 10, 2008

Can you believe how blue the water is.  This is a picture of Sam with some of her team mates and a few family members.  Thursday after the soccer games were over we had the chance to go to her coaches beach house.  On the way we stopped at a famous bay where local kids jump from rocks ranging from 3-18 feet.  We considered for about 5 seconds trying it before common sense won out.  We then spent the rest of the evening enjoying, team mates, family, beach, water, and dinner.  This is the first time we saw a sea turtle who came with in 5 feet of the beach before he decided squeally girls were not his scene.  One of the moms was also brave enough to let the girls bury her in sand.  She said it was the best spa treatment she had ever had.  It was a great day with lots of laughter and great company.  Yes, we lost both soccer games but do these girls look sad.

July 19, 2008

Exercise meets Sponge Bob

So a fact you may not guess about me is that I get up 5 days a week to exercise.  I'm not kidding I really get out of bed 5 days a week before the sun is even out so that I can exercise.  I have been doing it for almost a year now.  And you want to know a little secret? I HATE IT!!! Everyday I have to talk my self into it.  Not one day goes by that I don't have to drag my sorry but out the door. All the while that little voice in my head is saying, "Hey, hey dummy what are you doing it is dark, go back to bed, hey I'm not done sleeping get back to bed NOW.") But at last I don't for reasons I won't go into right now.  However, it has dawned on my that my attitude about getting up early is not helping me accomplish getting up and going.  And as I have been reflecting this bad attitude I have I happened to be watching TV with my kids and Sponge Bob came on.  Truthfully I don't really get Sponge Bob but this particular show started with Sponge Bob running out his pineapple house singing, "I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready."  It made me think that if I would wake up with that alarm and say to myself, "I'm ready, I'm ready." Maybe just maybe I would quit hating getting up at 5:00 everyday.  At least once a day I tell Alex that your attitude dictates the kind of day you are going to have.  Maybe I should start listening to my own advice.  So tomorrow when I get up you will be sure I will be saying, "I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready."  Until I finally believe it.

Aloha! Wednesday July 9, 2008

Pictured above is the Thunder soccer team.  You wouldn't guess it from the uniforms but this is Sam's soccer team.  On Wednesday all of the U12 girls teams were divided into teams with other girls from all over the US.  Each girl was put on a separate team.  The girls had a chance to play two games with these girls.   Sam struggled with the whole pink uniform and a coach who yelled.  Her coach is not a yeller.  But in the end they all had fun especially when the team they played against had a player from their team on it and they got to play against them.

July 18, 2008

Aloha! Tuesday July 8, 2008

Tuesday we left home and headed to the airport.  Much stress and anxiety went in to preparing for the airport.  New regulations on luggage left us scrabbling to find the right size of suitcase to check.  Additionally much stress was spent making sure that our suitcases were well under the 50lb limit.  Then there was the whole ordeal of going through security removing your shoes and making sure you had no more then 3oz of liquid.  Oh my gosh! Who made all these rules?  When we checked our bags I was furious that they didn't even bother weighing our bags.  I spent hours making sure it was right I wanted them to tell me it was.  I'm a little strange.

After a six hour flight we arrived in Honolulu 2 hours after we left home.  Strange how the time changes work isn't?  However, this left us only 1 hour to get our rental car and make it to the stadium the girls were going to be playing at.  This was an adventure that I will spare you the details of.  Just let me tell you that a phone conversation I had with the assistant coach on our way to the park was the joke of the week.  I guess I wasn't to friendly and I hung up on him.  Who me?  I never get stressed and intense when I am in bumper to bumper traffic, on strange streets, trying to get somewhere that I am late getting to.  I'm sure I was much more pleasant then the reenactment portrayed.

Anyway, by the time we got there we ended up sitting around waiting.  Apparently island time is not much  different then Mormon time.  That first night was the opening ceremonies where all the teams marched around the stadium.  There was entertainment, speeches, and all kinds of coolness.  By the time we finished and got back to our room it was 3:00 am Utah time it was a crazy day but we were all excited to be in Hawaii.  Picture below is of Sam's team during the parade of teams.  There was 181 teams from across America a huge amount from California.  Even one U12 team from Bakersfield.  

July 17, 2008


Hello Blog World.  We are back from Hawaii and we had a wonderful time.  It is one of the prettiest places I have ever been.  I did not want to come home I could have spent the entire summer being a beach bum on the beautiful island of Oahu.  
Soccer news first, the games did not go as well as I would like to report a number of things contributed to the girls not doing as well as they we would have liked.  Including the heat and humidity.  Holy Cow it was humid I told Brent the driest I was for a week was when I was taking a shower.  I think it pretty much kicked the girls buts. There were other things that took place but over all the girls played hard, they played good, they supported each other, but it just didn't happen.  However, what it ultimately meant is we all had more beach time.  It was very sad and I can feel your sorrow for us. (*Note, I did not bribe Sam to loose, just in case you were thinking it.*)
We had all kinds of adventures including, circling the island no less then 4 times.  It is weird to be somewhere that if you get lost you will just end up where you started.  We went to the top of the mountains where we saw some incredible views.  We went to ocean cliffs where the waves crashed into us.  We went to the beach where you walked out into a beautiful blue warm ocean. We snorkeled where the fish don't even pay attention to you.  We saw 4-5 sea turtles that was way awesome.  We went to Pearl Harbor which was one of the most moving experiences of my life and we went to the Polynesian Culture center and the Laie Temple.  We had a fantastic time.  I have tons of pictures to share but I thought over the next couple of weeks I would post a picture  a day.  Just so you don't have to spend an hour scrolling through the pictures.  When I got home yesterday I downloaded over 350 pictures.  A little out of control I know.  
All said and done we had a wonderful time but I am happy to be home with my family.  A little shout out to Brent who did an awesome job taking care of the kids and the house.  I came home to a spotless house.  Even the laundry was done how awesome is that?  The kids were happy and had fun with dad.  Thanks to everyone else that helped out we appreciate the help.

July 06, 2008

Summer Check In and the Final 24 Hours

As I know you all have heard, and heard, and heard S. and I are leaving for Hawaii on July 8th.  I can hardly believe it has been a year since she made the All Star Team and we started planning this trip.  It is finally here and I know I have driven everyone around me crazy with me constantly saying, "I'm going to Hawaii."  You would think I didn't get out much.  Oh wait a minute I don't.  So I get to drive everyone crazy just for a little while longer.  That is until I get back and start sharing all my fun pictures. I can feel all of your excitement.  Well here is my last post until you quit hearing about how I am going to Hawaii and start hearing that I went to Hawaii.  Again I can feel your excitement.  Please settle down I know it is exciting but contain yourself. 

We had a fun weekend I ran a 5k (yet another thing I am sure you have heard quite enough about) and the next day we went to our cute nieces baptism.  It was very cool when I looked at the program and saw that the General Primary President was giving the baptism talk. That is not something you see down my way in Utah.  I'm thinking those Saratoga Springs people must be more righteous then us.  Way cool don't you think? I guess I should mention her grand daughter was being baptized also. It was nice and Brent's sister and brother-n-law did an awesome job. 

(Doesn't she look like a princess?)

A quick garden update the vegetables are going crazy we have green tomatoes all over the place.  Brent has become very anxious wondering what we are going to do with all those tomatoes.  So anyone with some good storage recipes please feel free to send them my way.  Our pumpkins are progressing our first 400lb pumpkin has already started growing.  The flowers are not to happy with our recent increase in temperature but some of them are doing good.  The geraniums and gladies are taking off.

As you can see all kinds of excitement and in general all kinds of craziness taking place in our world.  One last pic of my crazy girls and I will be seeing you in a week when I get back from.....Oh come on you know the rest of the sentence by now.

(Who do these two belong to? Really people need to control their children better then this!)

July 04, 2008


Hello, Blog World! Well it is 8:53 this good 4th of July Day.  Why you ask am I posting so early and not sleeping in, like normal people do on Holidays?  Because at 5:30 this morning I woke up and prepared to run my very first 5k.  WOO HOO!! Good news I finished, YAY ME, Good news I finished 9 minutes faster than I normally do, again I say YAY ME! I'm not going to post my time because to the world in general it was pretty slow.  Let me just say that I had my very own police escort through out the race.  However, I could see the people in front of me most of the race and not once did I stop running.  Okay, yah yah, jogging slow (see previous post snail on the trail). In a month I will run my second 5k to support a friends brother with ALS cancer. Below are  two pictures the first being my number.  HA HA HA  I actually participated in an event where they pin a number to you.  That is so funny.  The second picture would be of the group of friends who supported me in this run.  Well more like we all supported each other.  A big thank you to Cristy (the girl in yellow) who ran with me the whole time and gets up at 5 each day to exercise with me.  And another big thanks to Wendy (the tall girl) who is the guru of all things that increase your heart rate.  And a big thanks to everyone else who helps me be more active.  Yes, I'm still a big girl and I'm working on that but I ran a 5k this morning in 39 minutes (ok, I gave in I'm telling you my time, not that bad for a lady turning 33 in a week who is kind of on the chubby side)while you all slept.:) I had a blast and who knows maybe you will see a runner emerge out of this girl yet.  HAVE A HAPPY 4th of JULY!!

July 01, 2008

Clean Window, Long and Not to the Point, BEWARE!

Today I decided to clean one window. One yucky, winter crusted, storm stained window. There are several in the house but I decided I would start with one and then see how things went. So down came the storm windows out came the screen and the cleaning began. As I scrubbed, scoured and Windex-ed I began to think, because as you all know cleaning windows does not require as much mental strength as it does physical. Well as I thought I realized our lives are a lot like these dirty windows. We see the spots we know that there are things we need to clean up but the job just seems to big. It would be hard, it would require time, and it would mean change. Not to mention that as soon as one window was clean there are several more waiting. Well as the window began to shine I realized just how dirty the window was. Really, I thought I had does this chore before, has it really gotten that dirty again? That must mean that just because we do go through the work, the changing, and the time doesn’t mean we get to stop. We have to keep doing it over and over and over. Well you get my point. Last July my ward boundaries were shifted and before I knew it I found myself in a whole new ward. Luckily I received my same calling as Den mother, I have grown quite fond of those boys. Well as I settled in and really began to enjoy my calling they changed me. Grrrrr! Did I mention how much I hate change? I was put in as the 1st counselor in the Young Women’s program. In a program that has an average of 5 girls show up to church on Sunday sometimes even less. The program is struggling and to tell you the truth after 6 months I am struggling. I have theories on what the problem is but that is all. What can we do to change it, to make it better? I don’t have a clue. However, today I realized it is going to take time, a lot of work and the work will never end. So pray for me and most of all pray for the girls out there. Our youth are in a scary world and sometimes I wonder if we are really doing enough to help them navigate this world. I wonder if maybe our windows are not clean enough for us to see what needs to be done.