July 23, 2008

Aloha! Sunday July 13, 2008

On Sunday we went to Pearl Harbor.  It was one of the most moving experiences of my life.  I don't think I have ever been somewhere that you could feel the history of the place all around you.  As we stood on the U.S.S. Arizona memorial my heart was full for the men you lied beneath us.  I don't think I have felt so strongly about being American since 9 11.  I felt sad about how passive I have been about being an American and the rights we have.  I came home with whole new perspective on the election and my beliefs on who I feel should run this country. How could I look at the names of all these men almost 2000 of them without my heart feeling grateful for all that they did and the service they gave to America.  
After we returned to our hotel room Brent and Sam had cooked up this little surprise for my birthday.  Our friends and Sam sang Happy Birthday to me.  It was cute for Brent to put this together and I appreciated the thought.
Later that night we hit the beach of Waikiki pictured below is Sam riding a wave.  She had a blast and I enjoyed a little Birthday nap on the beach.  Did I mention that in order to go through the Pearl Harbor museum you have to be at the museum by 6:30 am.  It is crazy how many people visit the museum daily.  However, if I ever go back to Hawaii I would not miss going again.

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