July 20, 2008

Aloha! Thursday July 10, 2008

Can you believe how blue the water is.  This is a picture of Sam with some of her team mates and a few family members.  Thursday after the soccer games were over we had the chance to go to her coaches beach house.  On the way we stopped at a famous bay where local kids jump from rocks ranging from 3-18 feet.  We considered for about 5 seconds trying it before common sense won out.  We then spent the rest of the evening enjoying, team mates, family, beach, water, and dinner.  This is the first time we saw a sea turtle who came with in 5 feet of the beach before he decided squeally girls were not his scene.  One of the moms was also brave enough to let the girls bury her in sand.  She said it was the best spa treatment she had ever had.  It was a great day with lots of laughter and great company.  Yes, we lost both soccer games but do these girls look sad.

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