July 18, 2008

Aloha! Tuesday July 8, 2008

Tuesday we left home and headed to the airport.  Much stress and anxiety went in to preparing for the airport.  New regulations on luggage left us scrabbling to find the right size of suitcase to check.  Additionally much stress was spent making sure that our suitcases were well under the 50lb limit.  Then there was the whole ordeal of going through security removing your shoes and making sure you had no more then 3oz of liquid.  Oh my gosh! Who made all these rules?  When we checked our bags I was furious that they didn't even bother weighing our bags.  I spent hours making sure it was right I wanted them to tell me it was.  I'm a little strange.

After a six hour flight we arrived in Honolulu 2 hours after we left home.  Strange how the time changes work isn't?  However, this left us only 1 hour to get our rental car and make it to the stadium the girls were going to be playing at.  This was an adventure that I will spare you the details of.  Just let me tell you that a phone conversation I had with the assistant coach on our way to the park was the joke of the week.  I guess I wasn't to friendly and I hung up on him.  Who me?  I never get stressed and intense when I am in bumper to bumper traffic, on strange streets, trying to get somewhere that I am late getting to.  I'm sure I was much more pleasant then the reenactment portrayed.

Anyway, by the time we got there we ended up sitting around waiting.  Apparently island time is not much  different then Mormon time.  That first night was the opening ceremonies where all the teams marched around the stadium.  There was entertainment, speeches, and all kinds of coolness.  By the time we finished and got back to our room it was 3:00 am Utah time it was a crazy day but we were all excited to be in Hawaii.  Picture below is of Sam's team during the parade of teams.  There was 181 teams from across America a huge amount from California.  Even one U12 team from Bakersfield.  


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about airport security. When we were flying home from London, I had put all of my hair up in a bit copper clip. I didn't think a thing about the clip until I set off the metal detector. I was "patted" (let's just say, I may be married to several of those security guards) down no less than 4 times before we boarded the plane. Then the plane's passenger roster didn't match the number of people actually on board, and I was talked to again. Now, traveling is hair clip free for me. =)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I also had my bags searched with every pat-down. Airport security can be very skeptical of asthma rescue inhalers. I was however greatful that such extremes were taken to ensure our safety. Afterall, the frisking just became comical after the 2nd time.

Also, I bet your bags did get weighed at some point. When one of ours was .5 pounds over weight, we scrambled to repack everything. I never even noticed them place the bag on a scale.

Flying can be such fun! =)


Race Fam said...

Looks like you had fun. I bet you're tired now!