July 28, 2008

Garden Update! All things Giant.

Today's blog is a story of a little seed.  While planting in the garden we noticed a tiny little plant was coming up.  We had not planted any seeds where the plant was coming up but we decided to let the plant go and see what it was.  We thought it might be zucchini because it was very close to where we had planted zucchini last year.  Well time passed and this plant is what started to grow and grow and grow and grow............... do you understand well keep scrolling .....

and grow and grow and grow...... Today this is our little seed.  It was a sunflower.  I had planted them in the garden last year and somehow this guy decided to come up all on his own this year.  Notice the first picture is of Andrew and the Sunflower late June.  This is the sunflower today.

Are you starting to realize how huge this thing is?

Brent says that currently it measures 13 feet. And it just keeps growing and growing well you get the picture. 

This is the first of our giant pumpkins.  Which I really haven't given it any justice to its current size.  But trust me it is big and just like the sunflower getting a little out of control.

Notice the pumpkin vine making its way up the fence.  Already it has reached the other side and is sprouting a bloom that could turn into another pumpkin.  Which means I could have a 400lb pumpkin hanging on my fence.

And what exactly am I suppose to do with that?

Well at least the snapdragons are behaving and looking pretty.

Even if these guys are getting a little big at least they're cool to watch grow and move with the sun each day.

Meanwhile we are starting to enjoy visitors in our tiny garden, this little humming bird spent the morning checking us out, and spending time in a garden just a little out of control. 

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Willow said...

Your garden is beautiful! I love that it is gated off from the rest of the yard.