July 26, 2008

Learning to tie your shoes

Do you know what happens when you have four children.  You start to forget what you have taught and what you haven't taught the youngest.  H. is so independent that there are times, many, many, times that we forget he is only 5 and there is probably a thing or two that we have not taught him.  Take for example tying his shoes.  We taught him that, didn't we?  Well yesterday he walks into our room, looks at both Brent and I while holding his Sunday shoe and says,  "Do you think you could teach me to tie my shoes?"  Um...well... yah sure we can do that.  While we both look at each other wondering where did that come from.  So Brent being the awesome dad he is showed him how to tie his shoe.  H. spent the rest of the night doing this.

Notice the concentration.  This is some serious stuff man.  Tying your shoes does not happen every day.  Well ok for most of us it does but it is summertime this kid is living in sandals so you know serious stuff.

However, this has given me the giggles and sent me searching for my camera.  What is with the tongue?  This boy has spent most of his life with his tongue out figuring something or other out. I love being a mom!  What would I do without my monsters?

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Race Fam said...

That is so funny. He is really concentrating hard! You know it's serious if the tongue comes out!