July 06, 2008

Summer Check In and the Final 24 Hours

As I know you all have heard, and heard, and heard S. and I are leaving for Hawaii on July 8th.  I can hardly believe it has been a year since she made the All Star Team and we started planning this trip.  It is finally here and I know I have driven everyone around me crazy with me constantly saying, "I'm going to Hawaii."  You would think I didn't get out much.  Oh wait a minute I don't.  So I get to drive everyone crazy just for a little while longer.  That is until I get back and start sharing all my fun pictures. I can feel all of your excitement.  Well here is my last post until you quit hearing about how I am going to Hawaii and start hearing that I went to Hawaii.  Again I can feel your excitement.  Please settle down I know it is exciting but contain yourself. 

We had a fun weekend I ran a 5k (yet another thing I am sure you have heard quite enough about) and the next day we went to our cute nieces baptism.  It was very cool when I looked at the program and saw that the General Primary President was giving the baptism talk. That is not something you see down my way in Utah.  I'm thinking those Saratoga Springs people must be more righteous then us.  Way cool don't you think? I guess I should mention her grand daughter was being baptized also. It was nice and Brent's sister and brother-n-law did an awesome job. 

(Doesn't she look like a princess?)

A quick garden update the vegetables are going crazy we have green tomatoes all over the place.  Brent has become very anxious wondering what we are going to do with all those tomatoes.  So anyone with some good storage recipes please feel free to send them my way.  Our pumpkins are progressing our first 400lb pumpkin has already started growing.  The flowers are not to happy with our recent increase in temperature but some of them are doing good.  The geraniums and gladies are taking off.

As you can see all kinds of excitement and in general all kinds of craziness taking place in our world.  One last pic of my crazy girls and I will be seeing you in a week when I get back from.....Oh come on you know the rest of the sentence by now.

(Who do these two belong to? Really people need to control their children better then this!)


Anonymous said...

Wowie, wow, wow! Your garden looks great. We have an abundance of green tomatoes. They have been kind enough to only ripen 4-10 at a time. I have not preserved any as I prefer to enjoy them as tomato sandwiches or Bruschette. If you want toe Bruschette recipe (such as it is...) I will be happy to share.

Have fun in Hawaii.


PS Today I am making Pomegranate Jelly. It is no Hawaii, but still exciting. =)

SAS said...

Have a great time. How fun! I'm glad to see The curly hair is still around--great pic runner lady.