July 31, 2008

Top Ten Reason's Summer Should NOT End

Ok all of you moms out there who are starting to complain about the long summer days.  There is moaning about children fighting, boredom lack of routine and the serious need for school to start again.  I have only one thing to say to this. STOP!!! Summer must not end.  We must embrace and enjoy the summer because at the end of the summer there is only one thing.  One horrible, unavoidable thing. WINTER!!!! I have not fully recovered from the past winter.  My bones are still chilly even the mention of winter starts me shivering. 

So I have created list of the top ten reasons to LOVE SUMMER!

#10.  You get to Swim! Swimming is awesome it cools you off, it gets you out in the sun, the sun has important vitamins that we all need, and swimming is exercise at its most fun. 

#9.  Baseball, who doesn't love a summer evening at the baseball field.  Way better then a fall evening of football. Trust me!

#8. Long afternoons sitting in a beach chair reading a great book with no where to go.

#7. Family Reunions, who doesn't love a good ole family reunion where Aunt Jo says the same thing every year, "Well look at you I remember when you were just a tiny thing.  How old are you now 16? 33 Well where did the time go?"  See family reunions are awesome where else are you permanently 16?

#6. Camping, camp fires, sleeping on the ground, delicious smores.  Really do I have to go on.  The smores alone SHOULD convince you that summer must not end.

#5. Fireworks, friends, BBQ.  Yes, I am aware that if we don't have winter we don't have Christmas but if we keep summer we keep parties that end with fireworks.  The good kind not the kind that end relationships.  YAY SUMMER!!

#4. Number 4 is for you and what you like best about summer?  And NO you can't say that it ends that is not an option in this post.

#3. Flowers, Gardening.  Fresh veggies from the garden pretty flowers that you grew yourself. It just feels you up with all kinds of happiness.  When in the winter can you find that kind of happiness?  It can't be found I tell you it can't.

#2. Homework, be honest here do you really miss homework?  Notes that have to be signed and the day to day questioning of, "Did you do your reading, Do you have any notes from your teacher, Why didn't you tell me about this a week ago, it is due tomorrow."  Really, really do you want to deal with THAT?

#1.   IT IS NOT WINTER! Have I not made my point as long as the kiddos are home it means one very important thing.  IT IS SUMMER and NOT WINTER.  Just remember every time those monsters are driving you crazy the top 10 reasons why it is a GOOD thing they are home.



Race Fam said...

Hey I think you need to move back to California! You can't hate winter here, It's not that cold. I do love summer but summer here means 100+ temp, yuck!

Willow said...

I agree with the above comment. It is way too hot here to fully embrace the season. However, you are right... I don't miss homework, getting up early, school uniform washing, or spelling word quizzing. Okay, summer is fine for at least a couple of more weeks. =)

Sharonda and Zaron said...

I agree!!! Even though the fighting and boredom kind of bug, the winters around here bug even more. I'll keep reminding myself tomorrow when the kids are fighting that at least it's not cold outside.

Stacy said...

Scott and I are opposite, we love the cold, which is why we can't wait to move to Montana! Winters mean snuggling, romamtic fires in the fireplace, hot chocolate, reading under a warm blanket and getting to decorate your house all Christmasy. Not to mention you get to see more of your family than normal. Summers are ok, just not here in Bakersfield.

The Larson Family said...

Yes, I don't want summer to end either. It's always one of my favorite times of the year. I love all your reasons for loving it, especially smores...that made me want one right now!! I guess I would add playing with the kiddos, and late night movie parties I actually love it (I am a kid still I think) Also all the time off Will gets for summer vacations. I would love him to retire already!! (Wouldn't that be great!)