July 24, 2008


Today is the 24th of July and for those you in Blog world not from Utah, that means absolutely nothing, well, except that it is the 24th of July.  However, for those of us in Utah it is a day of celebration.  A day where we remember the pioneers who settled Utah and do a little fireworks, BBQing, you know party.  Except for when you know haven't planned to do anything because your still dealing with jet lag and the reality that you are no longer enjoying the sunny beaches of Hawaii. "sigh" So you say to your neighbor, "Hey what are you doing tomorrow for the 24th? and she says,"Nothing what are you doing?" Then suddenly you are saying, "Why don't you bring the kids over we will have ice cream and do fireworks."  Then she says, "Great, but don't you think you better invite so and so." Then you say, "Oh, ok." Then before all the "That's great but shouldn't you invite so and so," are over you have 40 people showing up at your house.  

Hello! What was I thinking?  I do not party and I certainly do not spontaneously party with 40 people.  What the heck have I done to myself?  Also, can anyone tell me why it is so hard for boys to pee in a toilet?  Sorry had to ask that one because you know I am trying to get my house cleaned up and once again I have been amazed at where pee ends up in my bathroom.  Wait, what is that on my ceiling?  Gee what is wrong with these boys?  So wish me luck send your prayers and hope that I don't crawl under the covers and hide from everyone.  WHAT THE HECK HAVE I DONE????

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