July 04, 2008


Hello, Blog World! Well it is 8:53 this good 4th of July Day.  Why you ask am I posting so early and not sleeping in, like normal people do on Holidays?  Because at 5:30 this morning I woke up and prepared to run my very first 5k.  WOO HOO!! Good news I finished, YAY ME, Good news I finished 9 minutes faster than I normally do, again I say YAY ME! I'm not going to post my time because to the world in general it was pretty slow.  Let me just say that I had my very own police escort through out the race.  However, I could see the people in front of me most of the race and not once did I stop running.  Okay, yah yah, jogging slow (see previous post snail on the trail). In a month I will run my second 5k to support a friends brother with ALS cancer. Below are  two pictures the first being my number.  HA HA HA  I actually participated in an event where they pin a number to you.  That is so funny.  The second picture would be of the group of friends who supported me in this run.  Well more like we all supported each other.  A big thank you to Cristy (the girl in yellow) who ran with me the whole time and gets up at 5 each day to exercise with me.  And another big thanks to Wendy (the tall girl) who is the guru of all things that increase your heart rate.  And a big thanks to everyone else who helps me be more active.  Yes, I'm still a big girl and I'm working on that but I ran a 5k this morning in 39 minutes (ok, I gave in I'm telling you my time, not that bad for a lady turning 33 in a week who is kind of on the chubby side)while you all slept.:) I had a blast and who knows maybe you will see a runner emerge out of this girl yet.  HAVE A HAPPY 4th of JULY!!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is fantastic!

I was up that early, but not running. I was cooking instead. If there is a finite amount of mass in the universe, then any mass you loose will find my hips... I am just sure of that.

Congrats again on a great accomplishment.


Race Fam said...

You did great, congratulations!

Emily said...

Way to go! That's awesome! We went early to save a place at our parade and I watched all the runners go by. I was thinking the whole time that I should really try to do it next year. You've inspired me! It was fun seeing you guys. I'm glad you had fun in Hawaii. Lucky!