August 31, 2008

Did I Not Warn You!

Sure enough it is happening, did I not warn you? Did I not tell you?  That the second the kids went back to school the weather would surely change from warm to cold.  I thought maybe I was wrong.  When the first week of school brought a whole week of 90+ weather.  Saturday night I was in the garden enjoying my flowers and the beautiful but slightly warm evening.

I took this picture of my "Welcome Home" rose.  I think this one is becoming my favorite flower to photograph.

I really do love these little day lillies though.  This is a straight out of my camera no Photo Shop pic.  I really like it.  Maybe Brent will agree to this one on the wall.

I wasn't sure how this one would turn out but I think it turned out ok.  I'm finding the varigated plants are a little harder to photograph.  I'm also finding that pink is hard color to photograph but overall I like the picture.  This is called a "George Burns" rose.  This one was planted because it fit the color scheme we are going for and we liked it.

However, Sunday morning we woke up to this.  You might have to click on the picture to get the full impact.  It was a down pour. It rained and blew and rained and blew all day.  In true Utah weather mystery the sun continued to shine through. We haven't been able to figure out how you can have sunny skies and rain but it happens all the time.

This morning we woke up to the news saying that there was snow in the mountains.  I knew it, I knew the kids going back to school would bring SNOW!!!! So now we enjoy the back and forth weather announcing winter is on it's way.

PS  Brent is concerned that once the flowers are gone I will turn my camera on him.  He is suggesting I take pictures of BARNS! So what do you think BRENT or BARNS?

August 30, 2008

No Soccer Saturday? Whatever Shall I Do?

Sometimes I feel sorry for the readers of this blog.  Because I subject you to my growing obsessions.  Not only to my garden obsession, my Photoshop obsession, my kids in sports obsession, but most of all to my photography obsession.  Brent thinks that I make have to find a support group.  I think that until the hard drive is full leave me alone.  However, one day and one day soon he may be right.  Don't you dare tell him I said that. 

Today we have no soccer games.  I know BUMMER! What does a mom do when she doesn't have 3 soccer games to attend?  Well this mom went to Tai Pan and if you have ever been to Tai Pan you know that going in there is like signing a few hours of your life away.  It is the Home Depot of home decor, It is the Costco of home decor, It is.... well you get my point.  If you are looking for home decor stuff it is the place to go.  Every season , every taste they have it there. You know what else they had there today? CHRISTMAS TREES!!! Can you believe it they were setting up their Christmas displays.  I stayed away and didn't look because even I have to draw the line somewhere when it comes to Christmas decorations. Ok, I may have peaked but but but ok I can't think of an excuse.  Christmas in August before you know it we will be having Christmas twice a year.

Christmas you will find is another one of my obsessions but I have months to get to that today we are dealing with my photography obsession.  This is a picture of Sam at her last soccer game.  Sam is now playing on a comp team.  Which means they have games twice a week.  Sam is the one attacking the purple player.  She is pretty fierce when she plays soccer.  I think she lets all her frustrations out on the field.  She says, "I won't ever push first but I will ALWAYS push back."  Ummm, ok maybe I'm not the only one that needs help. This is not a good picture.  I have yet to come anywhere near to getting good action pictures.  It is a growing frustration because there are a lot of fun things that happen on a soccer field.

Including cool hair pictures.  Sam's hair is always all over the place.  Mainly because she has figured out that when she wears her hair up she doesn't play as well.  She says it has something to do with the wind in her hair.  It makes her feel stronger.  UMMM OK.  Well we all have are quirks and considering when she swims she has to shove it under a swim cap I leave it alone . Also, I figure the hair shots are kind of cool.  You should see her when she heads the ball and it is all hair and ball.  Way cool but you will never see it until I get better at these action shots.  GRRRR! So any suggestions I'm all ears.  Have a great Labor Day!

August 29, 2008

Oww, Ouey, Ouch!

On Tuesday my friend Wendy, who is now a certified personal trainer, walked me through the weight room at the gym and taught me how to use all the weight machines. I thought that I pretty much knew how to use them all and that I could impress her with my knowledge but it turns out I didn't know much and what I did know I had been doing wrong.

Hmm, go figure maybe that explains why my body and Carmen Electra's body don't seem to be matching up these days. So after an hour of do this and this and this and don't forget this and then do this I left the gym a tiny bit more knowledgeable.  Watch out Carmen here I come.  Except for Tuesday night at pack meeting I noticed I was feeling a little sore.

Little sore, started to grow to more sore, sitting down watching the boys get their awards my stomach started to throb in agony.  Hey, what is this what did she do to me.  By the time the awards were finished my trip across the gym floor out the building was accentuated with a lot of ouch, owww, oh my gosh, ouch.  I kid you not people she had me doing these crunch thingys that I was all, "This you want me to do this, but this easy, I could do these all day. Change to my side, like this, hey this even easier, HA, I like your personal training this is way EASY!"

All I can say is she fooled me the last couple of days have been many hours of owwww I'm getting new friends. Not really I love Wendy! But next time she makes me think something is easy I am going to know that she is LYING!

So if your interested Wendy is a big advocate of the following three books and just so you don't think she doesn't know what she is talking about.  Wendy has a BS in Exercise Science, she is a certified spin instructor, and now a certified personal trainer.  Not to mention she is scary smart.  Like so smart you are all like, "Umm don't talk to me for too long because you might figure out how not smart I am compared to you."  Any way back to the books they are:

Fit and Fat: The 8-Week Heart Zones Program Triathlons for Women: Training Plans, Equipment, NutritionThe Heart Rate Guidebook to Heart Zone Training

Notice the second book is called Triathlons for Women.  Wendy thinks I should do a Triathlon. Quit laughing, hey why are you laughing, seriously quit laughing. Oh wait a minute that is me laughing.  All I can say is I would look HOT in a wet suit.  Ok, now I know that is you laughing.

August 28, 2008

Fun With Photoshop!

I love my computer, even more I love what my computer can do combined with my camera and Photoshop.  With the kids in school I have been taking the time to learn how to edit photos and I have been having lots of  fun with Photoshop.  

There are many things you can do with Photoshop, for example you can edit your scrapbook pages so that you can publish them.  This is a page I just finished for a contest.  Isn't Alex's toothless grin adorable? 

You can also create photos to display on your wall.

I asked Brent if we could get this picture in large format for our room.  He said "NO!"

So then I said, "Well how about this one then." Admittedly not the best picture of Brent I was trying to prove a point. By the by don't tell him I posted this picture.:)

Well he just gave me this look.  Follow the arrow people.  That look right there. 

Fine I said then what, "He said the first picture is fine I just don't like the pink."

Oh, so then I played a little bit and said, "How is this?" He said, "Yah, that is much better, especially since it isn't pink."

But what he didn't know is I had done this.  Added a pink filter to the picture. SHHH don't tell. I mean seriously it was a pink flower.

What can I say it doesn't take much to entertain me.

August 27, 2008


I have never been a fan of Marigolds.  I think the number one reason I have never liked them is because, well, they smell really bad.  When you think of a flower you think of something pretty and inviting that says "Hey, smell me I'm so pretty." I have never even thought Marigolds were that pretty.  

However, Marigolds do have their purpose they serve as a natural bug repellent.  Planted in your garden they help to keep the pest away so you don't have to use bug spray.  Yay Marigolds! As we all know pesticides on our food cause all kinds of harm so the more organic you can grow your vegetables the better off you are.

That being said when we planted our garden this year we decided that we wanted lots and lots of Marigolds.  The more Marigolds the less bugs the more produce.  So about six weeks before we could plant them outside we started them inside from seeds.  This was our first time starting anything from seed so we weren't very sure what we were doing and even when it came time to plant them in the garden we weren't sure that they were going to survive.

Today we have some of biggest and I must confess prettiest Marigolds you have ever seen.  The garden has grown to such a state now that it is hard to see where the Marigold plant begins and the vegetable plant ends.  They are all intertwined and the effect is pretty cool.  I have really enjoyed the Marigolds and look forward to repeating the Marigolds in next years garden.

This year we had to spray only one time for pest and that was before the Marigolds had blooms on them.  After they bloomed we didn't have to spray and we have lost little to no vegies to pest.  The other thing we did with Marigolds is we started some from seed in the garden.  There are some bugs that like to eat new plants that no matter how much you spray they eat the whole plant.  So this year we gave them Marigolds to eat they ate themselves full on Marigolds and didn't touch our vegies.

The total cost of the Marigold seeds was $1.98.  To start them indoors cost about $10.00.  If we had bought them already started it probably would have been about $40.00.  Pesticides are pretty expensive and we saved a lot of money on saved produce.  Marigolds may not be the prettiest smelling flower but they defiantly deserve points for being the prettiest working flower.

August 26, 2008

Conversation with my Son

When Andrew came home from his first day of school he walked past me sitting at the table and threw his school folder down.  Before I could even say Hi he was down stairs on the X-box.  A little later I called him up to see how his day went.

Me: Andrew

Me Again: ANDREW

Me Again and Again: A N D R E W ! !

Andrew: Yah

Me: Come here I want to talk to you

Andrew: (eye roll, slowly moves up the stairs)

Me: How was school?

Andrew: What?

Me: (slower)

Andrew: s'ok

Me: How do you like your new teacher?

Andrew: What?

Me: (slower) How.. do.. you.. like.. your.. new.. teacher?

Andrew: s'ok

Me: Do you have a lot of friends in your class?

Andrew: What?

Me: (very slow) Do... you... have... a... lot... of... friends... in... your... class?

Andrew: (shrugs) D'nt know

Me: (sighing) Andrew I just love our chats

Andrew: (come on people you already know what is coming) What?

Me: Nothing

Andrew: Hey, mom can I go to Justin's house?

Me: (smiling) What?

August 25, 2008

My Great Idea?

I had this great idea that for my "Thank goodness the kids went back to school"  post.  I was going to show you all the things I can get done now that the kids are at school.  

First on my list was laundry.  So I headed downstairs to take a picture of my laundry room and the current state of my laundry.  Oh my goodness, ok I thought to myself NOBODY  needs to see this.  

So off I headed to the second thing on my list, mopping the floor without having to yell, "I just mopped that."  So in to the kitchen I headed and thought. Ha, ha, ha, nope defiantly not taking a picture of this it is disgusting.  

So then I headed to the sink dishes are something I can catch up on now that the kids are eating at least one meal away from home.  Nope, not taking a picture of that either, where did all those dishes come from and what is that floating around in the sink? 

After three tries I decided that I was giving up on, "My Great Idea."  However, I obviously have a lot of chores to get done today.  Where did those kids go I need their help.  Oh, that's right they went back to school today.


August 23, 2008

Soccer Mom's, On Your Mark, Get Ready, GO!!!

Today marked the first official day of the Soccer season. A day full of mixed feelings, on one hand there is the dread.  Dread of trying to figure out how to get multiple kids, to multiple fields, but funny enough at the same time. Can anyone tell me exactly how that works?  Of course on the other hand there is the kids.  Who love to play soccer, I guess they think there is something fun about chasing a ball all over a field. Again I will ask, can anyone tell me exactly how that works? 

The day started off with a 9am Henry game.  It was a beautiful 74 degree day with just the right amount of clouds to remind you of the second reason you love soccer.

Being outside on beautiful Utah days.

As previously stated the number 1 reason is because the kids love it.  I ask does this kid look like he is being tortured?

The number 3 reason is because of the uniform, where else can you take 
your kids wearing these clothes and people not look at you funny?

I'm not really a parent who keeps score because there are days you win and there are days you loose and if I care about the winning days then I would have to care about the loosing days.  The kids have told me that is a bunch of hooey.  They want me to keep track so I think Henry may have lost this game by one point.  But he thinks they tied so I will go with that.

The next game was Andrew's at 12 and Samantha's at 12:30 this meant Brent and I were headed in opposite directions so I grabbed this picture of Sam before she left. 

She thinks they look like Refs, the rest of us think she looks like a bumble bee, but again one of the best things about soccer, no one cares what color of uniform you are wearing.  Because frankly they are all ugly!

Had to grab this quick pic of Al because she has declined playing soccer this season. She said something about running after a ball all over a field being ridiculous. Hmm, it is a mystery which parent this kid takes after.:)

Ohh, come on it has been days since I posted a garden picture.  You've missed it, I know you have.  These gladiolas make you feel, well, Glad!

Ok, fine back to soccer this is a pic of Andrew's team.  Again I will point out the lovely uniform, do you fell like eating Lucky Charms right now?

It was a fun game and Andrew did this the whole game. Run and run and run and run and scored and scored and scored and scored and scored.  I don't count, I already told you that but I wont stop you from counting how many times I said scored (and you get to count that one too).

Unfortunately, our beautiful 74 had turned to a blistering 94 by his game and so all that running and all that scoring (by the way you can count that one too) had Andrew looking a little like this. 

I may have to delete this blog when the kids get old enough to be in therapy and the therapist says, "What do you think the source of your issues are." Andrew will then pull up this blog and say, "Gee Doc, what do you think?" But then again the doctor will see that I sacrificed each and every one of my Saturdays every fall and spring and I will get some points back.  Right? 

It was a fun Saturday and all I have left to say is WOO HOO only 7 weeks left.  

Oh and Sam said to tell you, "We won our game 5 to zip. The other team sucked." I don't know where the kids get this.:)

August 22, 2008

Cotton Candy Is Not My Friend

There are some skills in life you should never learn.  That's right you heard me there are some skills in life you should never, never, never learn.  For example if you have made it to this point in your life without learning how to efficiently use a cotton candy machine.  Don't!!!!! Learning to use a cotton candy machine could lead to this.

Yes, this is me covered in cotton candy.  The blue stuff hanging from my eyelashes, and hair is not a fashion statement, it is COTTON CANDY!!! Why? You ask do I have cotton candy all over me, well I will tell you, for some reason each year at our elementary schools back to school carnival, I get to run the cotton candy machine. I use the term "get to" with a teeth grinding smile.  This year I even threatened that if I ran that machine it would be the only PTA related thing I did all year.  Notice the cotton candy hair, my threat did not work.  I wont go into the gory details of how many cotton candy sticks I made.  Or how I made enemies with anyone who ordered more than one cotton candy.  Lets just say that I may have earned myself the name "Cotton Candy Nazi."  Which I'm sure has nothing to do with the fact that I  kicked some people out of line.:) Not really, well maybe. 

At the end of the night after wearing gloves all night and 1/2 hour of scrubbing my hands with every chemical in our house my hands still looked like this.


The kids are counting down until Monday.  Everyone met their teacher last night, explored their classrooms, found out which friends they would be sharing the year with and are very much looking forward to the coming school year. Happy Back to school everyone.

August 21, 2008

Last Day Blues!

Today was the last day of swim lessons.  It is always a little sad and a whole lot of happy the last day of swim lessons.  

This session I had a cute little 3 year old blonde with the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen who never not ever not once would blow me a bubble.  Each time I asked she would just look at me with those great big beautiful blue eyes, smile, and shake her head no.  What is a teacher suppose to do.  Yes, I was totally one of those moms who said dunk her, get it over with, just do it.  But I can't, she is just to darn cute.  So saddly I can't pass her and I get to tell the mom who looks at me and says well just dunk her.  I get to then say, "Your the mom, you dunk her."

My favorite story came from my 3A class.  They all were such good swimmers and the second to last day of classes I told them that they had done so good that they were going to get to jump off the diving board.  For most kids this is the highlight of swim lessons, when they have finally earned the right to jump off the board, well all of my fishes freaked out on me there were tears, there was yelling and even a little screaming.  Why? why? would I make them go into the deep water and jump off a high thing? Oh, what is a teacher to do?  Well I made them all head into the deep water.  Where one very adoarable red head said to me, "We can't go in the deep, deep water sucks you down." To that I replied, "WHAT!" She then said "When you go in the deep the water is different it sucks you down." Where do kids learn these things.  Well after much coaxing and a good half hour of diving into the deep she turns to me and says, "Hey, this water is exactly the same as the shallow water."  To that I replied, "Imagine that." I am happy to report that by the end of the class today each one of them went off the diving board several times.  I'm such an awesome teacher.:) I love teaching swim lessons the kids are adoarable and it fun taking them from fearful to skillful.

In honor of swim lessons I am posting a few of my favorite swim pictures.  The first two our of Henry at the ripe old age of 1 1/2. Wasn't he just the cutest darn thing?  The third is a picture of Andrew at 5 1/2 going off the diving board at my Grandma's house. I almost didn't post this because it proves I was an evil mom who used floaties.  One of those things we swim teachers tell parents not to do.  Oh well, he is on the swim team now so I must not have damaged him to much. 

August 20, 2008

Fall Is In The Air

I hate to admit it, I almost hate thinking it, but the truth is fall is on its way. Personally, I am a big fan of fall I love when the leaves turn colors. One of the best things about living in Utah is the scenery is constantly changing. From the naked branches of winter, soon become the small buds of spring, which reach a green glory in summer that lead to the red and oranges of fall. The scenery is in constant flux. Which is kind of fun. I just wish we could do all that without freezing our . . . well . . . you know what's off. Back to the fact that fall is coming. The sure signs are all there first all the kiddies are headed back to school. Back to school night is tomorrow night and a small part of me wants to stay home and pout that summer is over. Of course that would mean the kids would stay home with me. So, WOO HOO Back to School Night here we come!! 

My favorite sign of fall is all of the Halloween decorations popping up in all the stores. I love Halloween, in fact it is my most favorite holiday. Do you want to know why? Well of course you want to know why your still reading aren't you? I love Halloween because you get to dress up like any one or anything you want and you get to knock on doors and people give you candy. It is awesome!! What other holiday do you have so much fun with so little work? What other holiday do perfect strangers open the door and give you something? Well in order to celebrate the coming fall I scrapped last years Halloween pics. Aren't these just the two cutest soldiers boys you have ever seen?

August 18, 2008


You will never guess and I can hardly believe it myself but it is true.  Just to prove it you can head over to this link ( and you will see.  Right there it says I won not only did I win but I won gold. Ha Ha Ha Ha I can hardly believe who would have thought one little lost seed left to grow would bring us a gold medal.  Well all I can say is let the obsession grow (get it grow, oh come on people you are going to have to adjust to garden puns).  I may even have to change the name of this blog from Swimmom to Vegiemom.  LOL!  All right, this is why I should never win anything because it gives me a big head makes me think I am the bestest in the whole world.  When clearly there were two other gold medal winners so I am not the bestest in the whole world.  Nope, I have to share that with two others.  Ok, Ok I will stop.  Well right after I do this.

This is 45 of our tomatoes picked today!  There are 5 different varieties of tomatoes.  Brent made us have a sample taste test and we decided not to plant one of them again.  It was very scientific so I won't go into the details. Ok, it wasn't really that scientific it was more like Brent told us which ones we liked and which one we didn't. 

We took all of them added in some of our green peppers from the garden

and made this.

Oh how did that get in there.  Well yes we made a mess but we also made this.  It was very yummy and the kids even said it was the best spaghetti sauce ever.  

Oh no, didn't I warn you that the reason it would be bad for Brent to run this site is because all he would talk about is tomatoes?  Oh, oh ok, here is what I am going to have to do hit you with a few flower pics and balance the tomato scales.   

Check out the bumble bee in the middle of the middle flower.  We have all come to terms with one another since the bees are good for the garden we leave them alone and they make sure are harvest is abundant it is a win win.

This rose is called "Welcome Home" I planted it the year Brent was traveling and had to spend so much time away from home.  It is a yellow rose that smells like black licorice. How crazy is that?

See don't you feel better now knowing that I won't bore you with too much tomato talk and even if you have to listen to it for a moment or two there are pretty flowers at the end.  I know you feel better come on admit it you love the pretty flowers and the tomatoes do look yummy.  Admit it! Ok, I will leave you alone now From the Gold Medal winning Swimmom or Vegiemom:) 

PS Aren't you glad that Utah has a winter and there will be a few blissful months of non garden talk.  Maybe?

PPS I also wanted to give a little shout out to some of the kind people who left comments on my gold medal entry (seriously I will stop as soon as this post is posted).  Their blogs are wonderful and they were just the kind of people I was talking about who are wonderfully obsessed with gardening.  Take a look and you will see some the beautiful work found in gardens.

Alex's Broadway Debut

On Saturday Brent and I attended a performance that benefited LDS humanitarian services. Primarily the event was to support three specific humanitarian services. The first was immunizations for children world wide. It was very interesting to find out that in 1990 over 1.3 million children died of measles and in 2007 that number was reduced to 250,000. Due in large part to groups that raise money for immunization programs. The second was clean water. In many countries young children do not attend school because they have to walk 3-10 miles daily to get clean water for their families. Through clean water programs clean water wells are built in villages so that children do not have to make these journeys. The third purpose was to raise money for wheelchairs. The number of children world wide that need wheelchairs but do not have them or access to them is huge.

It was a fun performance and in truth the number one reason we were there was for Alex who performed. She participated in a Broadway Bound summer camp this summer and she really enjoyed her time learning to perform and performing. She did an awesome job, of course would I say any differently? Below is a little video of her performance all the kids did a good job and like I said it was an enjoyable evening for a great cause.

If your interested in finding out about any of these programs or how to donate to them you can follow any of the above links or you can visit

August 16, 2008

Garden Olympics

Ok people yours truly is taking this garden obsession one step further.  I know you're thinking how can she possibly be even more obsessed than currently demonstrated?  But I can be, I have found a whole blogging world of gardeners far more obsessed then me.  It is true they are out there post after post of gardening information, pictures and general obsession of the varying stages of their gardens.  It is downright scary in a, I totally admire them and they are my hero's kind of way. Back to the point of my obsession growing one step further, I am entering a contest hosted by

She asked that we post some of our favorite garden pics and so below are three of my favorite garden pics from the garden.  

This is a pic taken just last night of our tomatoes. Right now I would say we have no less than 100 tomatoes just aching to turn red.  Anybody want a BLT?

We have six pepper plants that are currently at this stage of pepper growth.  I think we might have to change those BLT's to BPLT's.  They have done far better than they did last year.  In part to a better watering system and not being smashed by out of control tomatoes. Which we of course have never done so I don't even know why I would say that.

The third and final pic is of our random sunflower seed that grew from last year's garden and measured over 13 feet before it finally stopped growing.  The best thing about gardens is all of the little and big surprises that you find.

These three pics would be my entry into the Garden Olympics.  And happily I have taken the next step in the obsession that is our garden. Hope you are all having a happy Saturday.

PS I love that I found a zone 6 gardening site it will help greatly next year in the planning and planting of our garden.

August 15, 2008

Kid Pictures

I am such a great mom.  Do you know how I know I am a great mom.  Because I love my kids enough to take their school pictures myself.  Yup, no more of those pictures that I have to buy the whole entire package just to get one picture of my kid making a face that makes me think they must taser the kids shortly before they snap their pictures. Nope, no more I put my foot down, I'm sticking it to the man.  Instead I dragged my kids out of bed this morning at 7 am made them shower and dress and hall their buts outside so I could take their pictures myself.  Of course I'm paying for it now because they are all grumpy and tired and disagree strongly that I am a great mom.  They like school pictures, they must like the taser.  So here is a sample of the kids school pictures.  

I think this one is my favorite. This picture not the kid because mom's don't have favorites. Right?

Of course this one is dang cute too and makes me think that someday soon girls will be knocking on our door. Then good mom will have to turn into evil mom. 
I do not have favorites, I do not have favorites, I do not have favorites.  But, hypothetically speaking, if you had to choose a favorite could you resist this face? As I said before I do not have favorites, I do not have fav........ Well not everyday
Tell me these two aren't dang cute and aren't going to break some hearts? They better marry girls who like me that is all I 'm going to say. 

Of course we can't forget the oldest who just keeps getting older on me.  She looks old enough to like boys.  But she isn't 19 more years before she is allowed to date.  Yup that's the rule 30 before you date and the first rule is your date has to like me.  See I'm a great mom!