August 18, 2008

Alex's Broadway Debut

On Saturday Brent and I attended a performance that benefited LDS humanitarian services. Primarily the event was to support three specific humanitarian services. The first was immunizations for children world wide. It was very interesting to find out that in 1990 over 1.3 million children died of measles and in 2007 that number was reduced to 250,000. Due in large part to groups that raise money for immunization programs. The second was clean water. In many countries young children do not attend school because they have to walk 3-10 miles daily to get clean water for their families. Through clean water programs clean water wells are built in villages so that children do not have to make these journeys. The third purpose was to raise money for wheelchairs. The number of children world wide that need wheelchairs but do not have them or access to them is huge.

It was a fun performance and in truth the number one reason we were there was for Alex who performed. She participated in a Broadway Bound summer camp this summer and she really enjoyed her time learning to perform and performing. She did an awesome job, of course would I say any differently? Below is a little video of her performance all the kids did a good job and like I said it was an enjoyable evening for a great cause.

If your interested in finding out about any of these programs or how to donate to them you can follow any of the above links or you can visit


The Larson Family said...

Sorry we didn't visit. Next time we go through we will call you. I really am dying to see your garden! (And all of you!) We might be coming up at Thanksgiving time??? (Sometime before the year is up). Your kids are so grown up! It is fun to see all that you're doing up there. The humanitarian thing is cool. The video didn't work though. Will has been looking into a wheelchair donation thing too. Have a great day! Becky

Amos said...

That service project sounds cool. It's neat to see how things get better when others help out. Looks like Alex was one of the stars of the show. Thanks for the Tom Petty song. That's a great running song and I have now added it to my Ipod. So is Brent or your brother going to run in the marathon with you or are you going to do it solo?