August 08, 2008

And the WINNER is

In order to pick a totally random winner I went to I input the following, choose 1 number between 1 and 5.  The winner corresponds to the order of the post. The number that came back was 2.  So I guess that means that the Larson Family is the winner of my little kinda contest. Becky email me your address as soon as you can (just to double check I have the right address) and I will mail off the CD's.

It was lots of fun reading every ones post I personally felt that we all need to go somewhere besides Utah/California.  Obviously I am including myself in that we.  I almost feel like Stacy and Lisa should have won because they made a journey that went beyond the groove we must all be wearing in the road.  However, Becky that 12 hour trip turning into a 16 hour trip should be worth something. Note to self never use I80. 

Next month as a celebration of my baby starting school I am going to start clearing off that video shelf so stay tuned.  Just out of curiosity does anyone still own a VCR? Thanks to everyone for playing it is fun to hear from you and hear about some of your adventures.

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