August 12, 2008

Another Flower

Ok did you really think you were going to get away with only one garden picture? Have you not been paying attention to this blog and figured out that Brent and I have very limited interest. At the top of that list of very limited interest is our garden.  You should really feel lucky that I am the one in control of this blog because if  Brent was in control the only thing you would ever hear about is his garden.  Yes, I said, "HIS GARDEN,"  because he only remembers to say, "OUR GARDEN," when I give him the wife look.  

In fact any time you spent looking at this blog would be spent reading how many tomatoes are ripe on what tomato plant and what tomato plants he will plant next year and which ones he won't.  It would drive you crazy and you would never visit this blog.  Trust me I KNOW.  So see it is a good thing I am in charge and you only get two garden post in one day.  Yup, I'll say it your darn lucky to have me.

Ok, just so we all understand I KNOW that I need to get a life I keep trying but then the flowers call me back.  Who needs a life when you have flowers to spend time with.  They just brighten your day no matter what kind of mood your in. 

That is unless something sad happens which I guess I should mention the passing of one of our giant pumpkins.  A very ugly little bug has attacked the plant and it took the plant and the pumpkin all that is left now of our 50lb pumpkin is pictures.  The sorrow of a gardeners life.  Just when you start enjoying the fruits of your labor a little bitty bug takes it all away.  Something very metaphorical about that don't you think?  You don't? HMMM well I guess that is why you have a life and I play with flowers.

PS Don't you love this sunflower I didn't even know that you could find them in this color.  Since then I have found they come in many colors and sizes.  I can hardly wait until next year.  I know your all excited to see what we plant too.  Maybe I will have to move to three post a day.  Ohhh, maybe we do need to put Brent in charge of this blog.  But I still say flowers are better then tomatoes.

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Amos said...

That's a pretty sunflower. Does it produce the seeds like the other ones? And if it does I wonder if they taste the same. We planted sunflower seeds for the first time in our garden this year. Ours didn't get as tall as yours though. Those look huge. We just finished harvesting the seeds and maranating and drying them. Quite a job, but the end result was pretty good.