August 11, 2008

Back To Work

I'm sitting here pouting, yes that is right pouting, and every time Brent ask me what my deal is I yell at him, "I have to go back to work today."  I'm such a baby you would think that I worked full time and had to be away from my home 40 hours a week.  How do working moms do it? That is how do they do it with out pouting as I am in a full out pouting mode.  

The funny thing is I will get to work, get in the water with those cute little munchkins, ok there will be one or two that aren't so cute, but overall they will be cute and fun and I will remember that on the whole I like my job. I mean I have a boss who gave me 6 weeks off during the busiest season so you would think I would be grateful and not all pouting because she asked me to come back one session earlier then I wanted to.  

However, that isn't the case because right now I have to get off the computer and go get ready for work and I'm pouting about it.  Poor me!  I know I can feel you all sympathise with my pain.

PS I need to post some pictures so after work maybe I will torture you all with some more pics of the garden.  Hey what happened to the sympathy?  What I'm feeling now is, "Is she ever going to stop with the garden pics?"  Aren't you glad it snows in Utah and eventually I will have to stop?

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