August 06, 2008


Well if any of you have already been to Sharonda and Zaron's blog you know that we spent the last few days camping at the KOA at Bear Lake Utah.  I love Bear Lake and spent most of my childhood summers at this lake.  That is why when we thought about going camping together I worked really hard to get everybody up to Bear Lake.  We had a really good time and everyone is looking forward to doing it again next year.  We think we may have even convinced Brent to let us rent wave runners next year.  Every body say, "We love you Dad/Uncle Brent/ Sweetheart."  Well we had such a great time I thought I would give everyone out there some tips that they could use when planning their family camping trips. 

#1 Choose a great location

Make sure it has awesome views


and Night

#2 No matter how cute and wonderful one pre-teen girl is, put her in the same tent with a second cute and wonderful pre-teen girl and you will find your self yelling.  "GO TO BED, QUIT GIGGLING!!!" "ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!"

#3 When it looks like other people are having fun on these bikes remember the following.  They are just pretending so you will be suckered into renting the same bikes they were suckered into renting.  Children driving these bikes may result in you laughing so hard you have an accident. Finally, remember to take the break off for some reason it makes it much easier to pedal.

#4 If you forget rule #3 at least choose these seats on the bike.  However be warned these seats have the best view of poles mom doesn't notice as she is steering while looking behind her to make sure the kids are being safe.  "I know ZARON don't hit the pole."

#5 Feel your bucket up with shells.  There is no way mom can have too many shells.  Maybe even feel up a second bucket just in case.

#6 Bring lots of firewood, lots of marshmallows and enjoy burning them more than eating them.  What is up with that?

#7 If you are taking boys with you, "DON'T FORGET THE FOOTBALL!"

#9 It may look cold, but once your in your too numb to notice, so enjoy.

#10 Have a great time.  Laugh a lot. Eat a lot. And repeat......


Sharonda and Zaron said...

Hey Krissi, I love your post; very creative. You got some really good pictures of the kids. I loved the football action shots.

Amos said...

It looks like you guys had an awesome time together. Those bikes do look fun and from the sound of it I think you guys caused other people to want to rent them. If I saw people laughing so hard that they were peeing on themselves I would want to rent one too:)