August 01, 2008

Contest! Kinda?

I have decided to hold a contest.  Well actually I have decided to unclutter and you my readers are the lucky recipients of my efforts. 

I am going to mail the "lucky" winner Christopher Paolini's "Eragon" book on CD.  

Whenever, we drive back and forth to California we like to listen to a book on CD.  Sometimes we are able to get a book we want from the library and sometimes we have to buy it.  This is one of those buy times.  The book has been listened to twice and all the CD's should be in good working order.  

The kids really enjoyed the book but truthfully I was not a big "Eragon" fan.  I did however love "Eldest," and I am looking forward to the next book in the series coming out in September.  Andrew and Samantha are also excited. 

If you travel anywhere I would  recommend listening to a book.  It may be tricky coming up with something the whole family would enjoy (we try to find books that are going to be movies and bribe them with the movie if they listen to the book)  but it is fun way to engage your children in literature while keeping them quiet. :)  

Entering the contest is easy all you have to do is leave a post before August 8.  In honor of summer and summer vacation trips, leave a post about the farthest car trip you have ever taken.  

I will draw a winner on Friday August 9. 

If this works I may start emptying off the DVD shelf of the movies the kids aren't watching. What a fun way to give away stuff we aren't using anymore.


Stacy said...

We didn't go anywhere this summer. Does going to Fresno to see Scott one night count?:) It wasn't even a night cause he got his call in the middle of the night and I had to drive home at 1:00 in the morning.
The kids did go to Utah with their Utah grandparents in the car, maybe that will count?:)

The Larson Family said...

Hi Krissi!! What a great idea to listen to a book on a long trip...silly me I've never even thought of it. All we ever do is listen to a game on the radio, play the good old car games or the kids watch dvd's. We're leaving this week for the long drive to Utah. Will's in the 1/2 Ironman on Saturday!! Our longest drive ever would have had to be driving home from SLC to Bakersfield by way of the 80!!!! (We thought we'd try the other was it LONG!!! I think it was 16 hours or something like that!!! This summer it'll be our normal route!! I think stacy should get double points though...that is hard driving that trek in the wee hours of the morning!!! It also was more adventurous to do it spur of the moment to go see Scott!! Fun!

Amos said...

Hey Krissi, I love contests. The farthest road trip we went on this summer was to Utah. I am so excited that you are going to run the SLC Marathon. I think that is awesome!!! You go girl. I'm finally getting into this blogging thing. It's fun to see what's happening with everyone.

Sharonda and Zaron said...

Hey Krissi, I didn't know you're going to run the Salt Lake Marathon. I'm not very observant. That's awesome. It's actually been a life long goal of mine to run a marathon. We'll see! So, I want to enter your contest, I think it's a very creative idea. I think the longest trip we've taken was this summer. We drove from Utah to Bakersfield, from Bakersfield to Sacramento, from Sacramento to Bakersfield, from Bakersfield to L.A. and back three times, and then from Bakersfield back to Utah. Fun times! Hey, we really had a great time with you guys at Bear Lake; thanks again.

Race Fam said...

The longest trip I've ever been on, was to Idaho falls to visit Brad's brother. We went during the winter and there was a blizzard, we seriously were driving about 25 miles per hour, our brand new car had to be re painted because of the stuff they put on the road so cars won't slide on the ice. It got sand blasted by the big rigs driving by us. We went from Modesto to Idaho in 16 hours I hated it!