August 26, 2008

Conversation with my Son

When Andrew came home from his first day of school he walked past me sitting at the table and threw his school folder down.  Before I could even say Hi he was down stairs on the X-box.  A little later I called him up to see how his day went.

Me: Andrew

Me Again: ANDREW

Me Again and Again: A N D R E W ! !

Andrew: Yah

Me: Come here I want to talk to you

Andrew: (eye roll, slowly moves up the stairs)

Me: How was school?

Andrew: What?

Me: (slower)

Andrew: s'ok

Me: How do you like your new teacher?

Andrew: What?

Me: (slower) How.. do.. you.. like.. your.. new.. teacher?

Andrew: s'ok

Me: Do you have a lot of friends in your class?

Andrew: What?

Me: (very slow) Do... you... have... a... lot... of... friends... in... your... class?

Andrew: (shrugs) D'nt know

Me: (sighing) Andrew I just love our chats

Andrew: (come on people you already know what is coming) What?

Me: Nothing

Andrew: Hey, mom can I go to Justin's house?

Me: (smiling) What?


The Larson Family said...

Crazy to think of Andrew being that old!! Hey we got the Prize in the mail yesterday!! Whoo Hooo!! Thanks again!

Sharonda and Zaron said...

Too funny!! Sounds a lot like conversations that I have with Kevin. Hey, I wanted to talk to you about us coming up to your place sometime before it gets cold, and having you take our family picture; if you wouldn't mind. I'll call you.

Race Fam said...

I love it, what a boy.