August 31, 2008

Did I Not Warn You!

Sure enough it is happening, did I not warn you? Did I not tell you?  That the second the kids went back to school the weather would surely change from warm to cold.  I thought maybe I was wrong.  When the first week of school brought a whole week of 90+ weather.  Saturday night I was in the garden enjoying my flowers and the beautiful but slightly warm evening.

I took this picture of my "Welcome Home" rose.  I think this one is becoming my favorite flower to photograph.

I really do love these little day lillies though.  This is a straight out of my camera no Photo Shop pic.  I really like it.  Maybe Brent will agree to this one on the wall.

I wasn't sure how this one would turn out but I think it turned out ok.  I'm finding the varigated plants are a little harder to photograph.  I'm also finding that pink is hard color to photograph but overall I like the picture.  This is called a "George Burns" rose.  This one was planted because it fit the color scheme we are going for and we liked it.

However, Sunday morning we woke up to this.  You might have to click on the picture to get the full impact.  It was a down pour. It rained and blew and rained and blew all day.  In true Utah weather mystery the sun continued to shine through. We haven't been able to figure out how you can have sunny skies and rain but it happens all the time.

This morning we woke up to the news saying that there was snow in the mountains.  I knew it, I knew the kids going back to school would bring SNOW!!!! So now we enjoy the back and forth weather announcing winter is on it's way.

PS  Brent is concerned that once the flowers are gone I will turn my camera on him.  He is suggesting I take pictures of BARNS! So what do you think BRENT or BARNS?


Amos said...

I say Brent pictures all the way. Those are the best. You capture him in such a way that tells all about his personality.;) I love the George Burns Rose, that is beautiful. I wish the weather turned colder around here when kids started school. No such luck here. Just hot, hotter, and more hot. You have an awesome camera, to catch the rain drops.

Race Fam said...

I say Brent standing in different barns, that would be great, then you could hang those on your wall!