August 28, 2008

Fun With Photoshop!

I love my computer, even more I love what my computer can do combined with my camera and Photoshop.  With the kids in school I have been taking the time to learn how to edit photos and I have been having lots of  fun with Photoshop.  

There are many things you can do with Photoshop, for example you can edit your scrapbook pages so that you can publish them.  This is a page I just finished for a contest.  Isn't Alex's toothless grin adorable? 

You can also create photos to display on your wall.

I asked Brent if we could get this picture in large format for our room.  He said "NO!"

So then I said, "Well how about this one then." Admittedly not the best picture of Brent I was trying to prove a point. By the by don't tell him I posted this picture.:)

Well he just gave me this look.  Follow the arrow people.  That look right there. 

Fine I said then what, "He said the first picture is fine I just don't like the pink."

Oh, so then I played a little bit and said, "How is this?" He said, "Yah, that is much better, especially since it isn't pink."

But what he didn't know is I had done this.  Added a pink filter to the picture. SHHH don't tell. I mean seriously it was a pink flower.

What can I say it doesn't take much to entertain me.

1 comment:

Amos said...

Krissi, you seriously make me laugh. Those pictures of Brent are priceless:). I wish we lived closer so you could do pictures of my kids. You are awesome with technology. About my blog, I have been so side tracked lately and haven't taken the time to update it. I know I really need to do that. If Brent says he'll run the marathon with you, hold him to it. It's much better training with someone vs. doing it alone.