August 16, 2008

Garden Olympics

Ok people yours truly is taking this garden obsession one step further.  I know you're thinking how can she possibly be even more obsessed than currently demonstrated?  But I can be, I have found a whole blogging world of gardeners far more obsessed then me.  It is true they are out there post after post of gardening information, pictures and general obsession of the varying stages of their gardens.  It is downright scary in a, I totally admire them and they are my hero's kind of way. Back to the point of my obsession growing one step further, I am entering a contest hosted by

She asked that we post some of our favorite garden pics and so below are three of my favorite garden pics from the garden.  

This is a pic taken just last night of our tomatoes. Right now I would say we have no less than 100 tomatoes just aching to turn red.  Anybody want a BLT?

We have six pepper plants that are currently at this stage of pepper growth.  I think we might have to change those BLT's to BPLT's.  They have done far better than they did last year.  In part to a better watering system and not being smashed by out of control tomatoes. Which we of course have never done so I don't even know why I would say that.

The third and final pic is of our random sunflower seed that grew from last year's garden and measured over 13 feet before it finally stopped growing.  The best thing about gardens is all of the little and big surprises that you find.

These three pics would be my entry into the Garden Olympics.  And happily I have taken the next step in the obsession that is our garden. Hope you are all having a happy Saturday.

PS I love that I found a zone 6 gardening site it will help greatly next year in the planning and planting of our garden.


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

That's an amazingly tall sunflower! You should also enter it in this blogging English garden show:

Nancy said...

My gracious, that is a tall sunflower!! And that pepper plant is amazingly loaded with peppers, and 100 tomatoes ready to ripen. If I bring the bacon, can I come to lunch??

Rose said...

Congratulations on being a fellow medalist! That sunflower certainly deserves the gold. But your tomatoes and peppers look absolutely perfect as well. Mine certainly weren't up to the competition:)

MA said...

Hi there, please tell me where you'd like me to buy your $25 gift certificate for winning a gold! Thanks.

Anthony said...

wow that is the biggest sun flower i ever saw. how did it get so tall without leaning