August 12, 2008

Garden Pictures as Promised.

Aren't you soooo excited that I remembered to post some garden pictures.  Aren't you even double excited that I am posting just this one.  This is a pic of one of our giant sunflowers.  It is very cool don't you think?  Currently the flower head has gotten so large that the plant is bent in half.  That is making all the birds that visit our yard happy, not that the flower is bent in half, but that the flower is so big.  They have been having a grand feast.  Thanksgiving for the birds you could say.

As far as going back to work is concerned it was just as predicted I have class after class full of cute little fish.  The best news is that I only have one crier and she is in my first class when I still have all kinds of patience. I have found that having a crier in my last class is usually not good news because I am more likely to dunk them under the water where I don't have to listen to it.  Ha ha I'm just kidding.. maybe...  I think my favorite class is going to be my 3A class which is kids under the age of five who know how to swim.  So we teach them more advance techniques and get them ready to be thrown in with the big kids.  Also, most everybody was glad to see me back and they missed me.  Hey, it feels good to be missed, even if it is only by a bunch of punk 20 somethings.

So as much as I hate to admit it summer is coming to a close.  The leaves on the trees in our front yard have started to change and this morning when I left for the gym it was actually a little chilly.  I'm trying hard to be upset about the kids going back to school but I have to admit I AM SO READY!!!!!! They know summer is almost over and they are being toads. Cute toads but toads none the less.  

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