August 15, 2008

Kid Pictures

I am such a great mom.  Do you know how I know I am a great mom.  Because I love my kids enough to take their school pictures myself.  Yup, no more of those pictures that I have to buy the whole entire package just to get one picture of my kid making a face that makes me think they must taser the kids shortly before they snap their pictures. Nope, no more I put my foot down, I'm sticking it to the man.  Instead I dragged my kids out of bed this morning at 7 am made them shower and dress and hall their buts outside so I could take their pictures myself.  Of course I'm paying for it now because they are all grumpy and tired and disagree strongly that I am a great mom.  They like school pictures, they must like the taser.  So here is a sample of the kids school pictures.  

I think this one is my favorite. This picture not the kid because mom's don't have favorites. Right?

Of course this one is dang cute too and makes me think that someday soon girls will be knocking on our door. Then good mom will have to turn into evil mom. 
I do not have favorites, I do not have favorites, I do not have favorites.  But, hypothetically speaking, if you had to choose a favorite could you resist this face? As I said before I do not have favorites, I do not have fav........ Well not everyday
Tell me these two aren't dang cute and aren't going to break some hearts? They better marry girls who like me that is all I 'm going to say. 

Of course we can't forget the oldest who just keeps getting older on me.  She looks old enough to like boys.  But she isn't 19 more years before she is allowed to date.  Yup that's the rule 30 before you date and the first rule is your date has to like me.  See I'm a great mom!


Sharonda and Zaron said...

Awesome pictures!! Way better than any you get from the school Will you take my kid's school pictures? I'll pay you.

Amos said...

You're so funny. I love reading your posts. You take dang good pictures. Who needs a professional when you are one yourself. I agree that taking kids to get their pictures done is torture for everyone involved. Your kids are very cute!!!