August 21, 2008

Last Day Blues!

Today was the last day of swim lessons.  It is always a little sad and a whole lot of happy the last day of swim lessons.  

This session I had a cute little 3 year old blonde with the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen who never not ever not once would blow me a bubble.  Each time I asked she would just look at me with those great big beautiful blue eyes, smile, and shake her head no.  What is a teacher suppose to do.  Yes, I was totally one of those moms who said dunk her, get it over with, just do it.  But I can't, she is just to darn cute.  So saddly I can't pass her and I get to tell the mom who looks at me and says well just dunk her.  I get to then say, "Your the mom, you dunk her."

My favorite story came from my 3A class.  They all were such good swimmers and the second to last day of classes I told them that they had done so good that they were going to get to jump off the diving board.  For most kids this is the highlight of swim lessons, when they have finally earned the right to jump off the board, well all of my fishes freaked out on me there were tears, there was yelling and even a little screaming.  Why? why? would I make them go into the deep water and jump off a high thing? Oh, what is a teacher to do?  Well I made them all head into the deep water.  Where one very adoarable red head said to me, "We can't go in the deep, deep water sucks you down." To that I replied, "WHAT!" She then said "When you go in the deep the water is different it sucks you down." Where do kids learn these things.  Well after much coaxing and a good half hour of diving into the deep she turns to me and says, "Hey, this water is exactly the same as the shallow water."  To that I replied, "Imagine that." I am happy to report that by the end of the class today each one of them went off the diving board several times.  I'm such an awesome teacher.:) I love teaching swim lessons the kids are adoarable and it fun taking them from fearful to skillful.

In honor of swim lessons I am posting a few of my favorite swim pictures.  The first two our of Henry at the ripe old age of 1 1/2. Wasn't he just the cutest darn thing?  The third is a picture of Andrew at 5 1/2 going off the diving board at my Grandma's house. I almost didn't post this because it proves I was an evil mom who used floaties.  One of those things we swim teachers tell parents not to do.  Oh well, he is on the swim team now so I must not have damaged him to much. 

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