August 25, 2008

My Great Idea?

I had this great idea that for my "Thank goodness the kids went back to school"  post.  I was going to show you all the things I can get done now that the kids are at school.  

First on my list was laundry.  So I headed downstairs to take a picture of my laundry room and the current state of my laundry.  Oh my goodness, ok I thought to myself NOBODY  needs to see this.  

So off I headed to the second thing on my list, mopping the floor without having to yell, "I just mopped that."  So in to the kitchen I headed and thought. Ha, ha, ha, nope defiantly not taking a picture of this it is disgusting.  

So then I headed to the sink dishes are something I can catch up on now that the kids are eating at least one meal away from home.  Nope, not taking a picture of that either, where did all those dishes come from and what is that floating around in the sink? 

After three tries I decided that I was giving up on, "My Great Idea."  However, I obviously have a lot of chores to get done today.  Where did those kids go I need their help.  Oh, that's right they went back to school today.


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