August 30, 2008

No Soccer Saturday? Whatever Shall I Do?

Sometimes I feel sorry for the readers of this blog.  Because I subject you to my growing obsessions.  Not only to my garden obsession, my Photoshop obsession, my kids in sports obsession, but most of all to my photography obsession.  Brent thinks that I make have to find a support group.  I think that until the hard drive is full leave me alone.  However, one day and one day soon he may be right.  Don't you dare tell him I said that. 

Today we have no soccer games.  I know BUMMER! What does a mom do when she doesn't have 3 soccer games to attend?  Well this mom went to Tai Pan and if you have ever been to Tai Pan you know that going in there is like signing a few hours of your life away.  It is the Home Depot of home decor, It is the Costco of home decor, It is.... well you get my point.  If you are looking for home decor stuff it is the place to go.  Every season , every taste they have it there. You know what else they had there today? CHRISTMAS TREES!!! Can you believe it they were setting up their Christmas displays.  I stayed away and didn't look because even I have to draw the line somewhere when it comes to Christmas decorations. Ok, I may have peaked but but but ok I can't think of an excuse.  Christmas in August before you know it we will be having Christmas twice a year.

Christmas you will find is another one of my obsessions but I have months to get to that today we are dealing with my photography obsession.  This is a picture of Sam at her last soccer game.  Sam is now playing on a comp team.  Which means they have games twice a week.  Sam is the one attacking the purple player.  She is pretty fierce when she plays soccer.  I think she lets all her frustrations out on the field.  She says, "I won't ever push first but I will ALWAYS push back."  Ummm, ok maybe I'm not the only one that needs help. This is not a good picture.  I have yet to come anywhere near to getting good action pictures.  It is a growing frustration because there are a lot of fun things that happen on a soccer field.

Including cool hair pictures.  Sam's hair is always all over the place.  Mainly because she has figured out that when she wears her hair up she doesn't play as well.  She says it has something to do with the wind in her hair.  It makes her feel stronger.  UMMM OK.  Well we all have are quirks and considering when she swims she has to shove it under a swim cap I leave it alone . Also, I figure the hair shots are kind of cool.  You should see her when she heads the ball and it is all hair and ball.  Way cool but you will never see it until I get better at these action shots.  GRRRR! So any suggestions I'm all ears.  Have a great Labor Day!

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