August 18, 2008


You will never guess and I can hardly believe it myself but it is true.  Just to prove it you can head over to this link ( and you will see.  Right there it says I won not only did I win but I won gold. Ha Ha Ha Ha I can hardly believe who would have thought one little lost seed left to grow would bring us a gold medal.  Well all I can say is let the obsession grow (get it grow, oh come on people you are going to have to adjust to garden puns).  I may even have to change the name of this blog from Swimmom to Vegiemom.  LOL!  All right, this is why I should never win anything because it gives me a big head makes me think I am the bestest in the whole world.  When clearly there were two other gold medal winners so I am not the bestest in the whole world.  Nope, I have to share that with two others.  Ok, Ok I will stop.  Well right after I do this.

This is 45 of our tomatoes picked today!  There are 5 different varieties of tomatoes.  Brent made us have a sample taste test and we decided not to plant one of them again.  It was very scientific so I won't go into the details. Ok, it wasn't really that scientific it was more like Brent told us which ones we liked and which one we didn't. 

We took all of them added in some of our green peppers from the garden

and made this.

Oh how did that get in there.  Well yes we made a mess but we also made this.  It was very yummy and the kids even said it was the best spaghetti sauce ever.  

Oh no, didn't I warn you that the reason it would be bad for Brent to run this site is because all he would talk about is tomatoes?  Oh, oh ok, here is what I am going to have to do hit you with a few flower pics and balance the tomato scales.   

Check out the bumble bee in the middle of the middle flower.  We have all come to terms with one another since the bees are good for the garden we leave them alone and they make sure are harvest is abundant it is a win win.

This rose is called "Welcome Home" I planted it the year Brent was traveling and had to spend so much time away from home.  It is a yellow rose that smells like black licorice. How crazy is that?

See don't you feel better now knowing that I won't bore you with too much tomato talk and even if you have to listen to it for a moment or two there are pretty flowers at the end.  I know you feel better come on admit it you love the pretty flowers and the tomatoes do look yummy.  Admit it! Ok, I will leave you alone now From the Gold Medal winning Swimmom or Vegiemom:) 

PS Aren't you glad that Utah has a winter and there will be a few blissful months of non garden talk.  Maybe?

PPS I also wanted to give a little shout out to some of the kind people who left comments on my gold medal entry (seriously I will stop as soon as this post is posted).  Their blogs are wonderful and they were just the kind of people I was talking about who are wonderfully obsessed with gardening.  Take a look and you will see some the beautiful work found in gardens.


Willow said...

Congratulations on medaling in the vegitation round! That is an awesome accomplishment.

Your tomatoes and sauce look fantastic! Our little plants have taken over their alloted growing space. One of our tomatoes is growing across the back patio because it first grew too tall for, and then upset its cage. The thing would be bigger than Russ if it were upright.

Speaking of Russ, I am a bit envious of your tomatoe sauce. My sweet Honeypie does not like anything in his spaghetti sauce except tomatoes, basil, baking soda, a wee bit of sugar, garlic, salt and olive oil. The first time I made sauce for him he wouldn't even try it because it had various and assorted veggies.

Oh, if you need an idea for those tomatoes... brushette is my favorite. It is chopped tomatoes, chiffons of basil (fresh), garlic powder and salt (to taste), and olive oil. The mixture is spooned over oven toasted bread previously rubbed with garlic. Mmmmmm, yummy!

Rose said...

Your tomatoes look delicious! I picked a bowlful today, but unfortunately all my plants are dying--good thing I didn't enter the vegetable competition:)
Thanks for the kind comment about my blog.