August 29, 2008

Oww, Ouey, Ouch!

On Tuesday my friend Wendy, who is now a certified personal trainer, walked me through the weight room at the gym and taught me how to use all the weight machines. I thought that I pretty much knew how to use them all and that I could impress her with my knowledge but it turns out I didn't know much and what I did know I had been doing wrong.

Hmm, go figure maybe that explains why my body and Carmen Electra's body don't seem to be matching up these days. So after an hour of do this and this and this and don't forget this and then do this I left the gym a tiny bit more knowledgeable.  Watch out Carmen here I come.  Except for Tuesday night at pack meeting I noticed I was feeling a little sore.

Little sore, started to grow to more sore, sitting down watching the boys get their awards my stomach started to throb in agony.  Hey, what is this what did she do to me.  By the time the awards were finished my trip across the gym floor out the building was accentuated with a lot of ouch, owww, oh my gosh, ouch.  I kid you not people she had me doing these crunch thingys that I was all, "This you want me to do this, but this easy, I could do these all day. Change to my side, like this, hey this even easier, HA, I like your personal training this is way EASY!"

All I can say is she fooled me the last couple of days have been many hours of owwww I'm getting new friends. Not really I love Wendy! But next time she makes me think something is easy I am going to know that she is LYING!

So if your interested Wendy is a big advocate of the following three books and just so you don't think she doesn't know what she is talking about.  Wendy has a BS in Exercise Science, she is a certified spin instructor, and now a certified personal trainer.  Not to mention she is scary smart.  Like so smart you are all like, "Umm don't talk to me for too long because you might figure out how not smart I am compared to you."  Any way back to the books they are:

Fit and Fat: The 8-Week Heart Zones Program Triathlons for Women: Training Plans, Equipment, NutritionThe Heart Rate Guidebook to Heart Zone Training

Notice the second book is called Triathlons for Women.  Wendy thinks I should do a Triathlon. Quit laughing, hey why are you laughing, seriously quit laughing. Oh wait a minute that is me laughing.  All I can say is I would look HOT in a wet suit.  Ok, now I know that is you laughing.

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