August 23, 2008

Soccer Mom's, On Your Mark, Get Ready, GO!!!

Today marked the first official day of the Soccer season. A day full of mixed feelings, on one hand there is the dread.  Dread of trying to figure out how to get multiple kids, to multiple fields, but funny enough at the same time. Can anyone tell me exactly how that works?  Of course on the other hand there is the kids.  Who love to play soccer, I guess they think there is something fun about chasing a ball all over a field. Again I will ask, can anyone tell me exactly how that works? 

The day started off with a 9am Henry game.  It was a beautiful 74 degree day with just the right amount of clouds to remind you of the second reason you love soccer.

Being outside on beautiful Utah days.

As previously stated the number 1 reason is because the kids love it.  I ask does this kid look like he is being tortured?

The number 3 reason is because of the uniform, where else can you take 
your kids wearing these clothes and people not look at you funny?

I'm not really a parent who keeps score because there are days you win and there are days you loose and if I care about the winning days then I would have to care about the loosing days.  The kids have told me that is a bunch of hooey.  They want me to keep track so I think Henry may have lost this game by one point.  But he thinks they tied so I will go with that.

The next game was Andrew's at 12 and Samantha's at 12:30 this meant Brent and I were headed in opposite directions so I grabbed this picture of Sam before she left. 

She thinks they look like Refs, the rest of us think she looks like a bumble bee, but again one of the best things about soccer, no one cares what color of uniform you are wearing.  Because frankly they are all ugly!

Had to grab this quick pic of Al because she has declined playing soccer this season. She said something about running after a ball all over a field being ridiculous. Hmm, it is a mystery which parent this kid takes after.:)

Ohh, come on it has been days since I posted a garden picture.  You've missed it, I know you have.  These gladiolas make you feel, well, Glad!

Ok, fine back to soccer this is a pic of Andrew's team.  Again I will point out the lovely uniform, do you fell like eating Lucky Charms right now?

It was a fun game and Andrew did this the whole game. Run and run and run and run and scored and scored and scored and scored and scored.  I don't count, I already told you that but I wont stop you from counting how many times I said scored (and you get to count that one too).

Unfortunately, our beautiful 74 had turned to a blistering 94 by his game and so all that running and all that scoring (by the way you can count that one too) had Andrew looking a little like this. 

I may have to delete this blog when the kids get old enough to be in therapy and the therapist says, "What do you think the source of your issues are." Andrew will then pull up this blog and say, "Gee Doc, what do you think?" But then again the doctor will see that I sacrificed each and every one of my Saturdays every fall and spring and I will get some points back.  Right? 

It was a fun Saturday and all I have left to say is WOO HOO only 7 weeks left.  

Oh and Sam said to tell you, "We won our game 5 to zip. The other team sucked." I don't know where the kids get this.:)


Willow said...

What a fun day.... except for the 94 degree part. If it makes you feel any better we are expecting yet another heat wave. So, today should shape up to be about 100, or more.

Oh, and just for randomness, the comment you made about Lucky Charms reminded me of my newest "master-plan." I think it would be super cool to have one child that has an accent. I have started to speak to the baby in a Scottish/Irish/Pirate accent (my skills in dialect are not so refined that there is a huge difference between Scottish, Irish, or Pirate). Further, I told the rest of the family that they may talk to the baby but only in the approved dialect. Yes, Russ thinks the whole idea is a bit crazy, but it did make him laugh for a solid 10 minutes.... mission accomplished! =)

Race Fam said...

I love soccer season, I think I enjoy it more than baseball season, I love to watch Caden get aggressive since he is normally shy. I love to hear Brad's voice after a game it is totally hoarse from cheering. And yes your flowers are beautiful. Maybe you can make some grow in my front yard, my thumb is no where near being green!

Juicebox Mom said...

Great soccer photos...i'm also in full fall season readiness, my fave time of year.