August 14, 2008

The Talk About Dads

There is a lot of talk in the news today about single parent homes and the lack of fathers.  Yesterday I was reminded just how important it is to have a dad in the home.  It is very simple, you see, they lift the heavy stuff.

This is a picture of Brent lifting a piece of sod.  For all of you that have never had the experience of lifting sod just let me tell you that it is not light.  In fact I actually refuse to do it anymore.  There was a time that I would have been right in there helping Brent.  I won't now that is his job lifting the heavy stuff.

Of course Brent is no dumby I may have given birth to these four munchkins but he knows how to put them to work.

He may have to lift it and drop it in the right place but then the kids have to do the rest. Of course he makes sure they are doing it right. Actually he is just taking a break that stuff is H E A V Y !!!

Sam is suppose to be watering the sod down into place. She was distracted by the grass getting on her toes. That's my girl!

Andrew had to cut this strip off the sidewalk he was smart enough to make sure it took him a long time to do it.

Where was I during all this working and sweating and lifting of heavy stuff. I had the most important job I was documenting proof that Brent lifts heavy stuff and the kids helped. Yup mine was a hard job too but somebody had to do it.

And just so there is no more arguments on how obsessed Brent is about the garden and yard. This is how Brent spent his birthday money on this strip of sod and two sprinklers.  I know he is totally out of control.  Next thing you know he is going to be.... well I don't even want to think what he will do next because it will probably mean lifting more heavy stuff.

Well at least I have my flower friends to remind me of the more gentle side of life.  This rose is actually called a "DisneyLand Rose," it is the official Disney Land rose that you can find all over the Disney Land grounds.  It is our little piece of California in Utah.

This was just a pretty gladiola in bloom.  

What would you do without pictures of my flowers to brighten your day?  


Sharonda and Zaron said...

What a good dad! I love how your kids are out there working right along with Brent. I noticed while we were camping, that you guys are really good at teaching your kids how to work. Great pictures!

Willow said...

I love the flower pictures! It is motivation for me as I left town for a few days, and have not chosen to venture into the furnace that is outside since returning home.

I will agree that Brent is a madman. How great is that... a man who enjoys yardwork enough to do it!

As great as the flower pictures are, I think your sandals are stinkin' cute.


PS A Disney Land rose is WAY more affordable than going to the park.

The Larson Family said...

Sod is really heavy! We did our back yard when we built our house. What a project! Will also enjoys that stuff. What great husbands we have! I seriously need you to teach me how to grow things around here!!!! I can't believe those are really in your yard! They look like pictures from a flower magazine! Thanks again for the prize, yes, we are still at the same address you have. Have a great day! Becky

Amos said...

Brent looks like he is going to have a hernia. Great picture. It's wonderful that the kids are learning to work, that's a valuable lesson. Brent's always been a go getter, and one who likes creating projects. Cute sandals by the way:)