September 29, 2008

What it Means to be a SwimMom!

I feel I have been remiss, negligent, careless, lax and oh so slack (got to love the thesaurus).  Here I have I have designated myself "THE SWIM MOM" and yet only in passing do I mention the very sport I have tied myself too.  Really, how can I be "THE SWIM MOM" when I let the whole of the Olympics go by with nary a mention?  Michael Phelps did earn 8 gold medals an Olympic record and "THE SWIM MOM" says nothing.  It is a shame a ... (ok, ok I won't use the thesaurus again), and past due that I spend a little time on "THESWIMMOM" blog posting about the sport of swimming.  So here is an interview between "THE SWIMMOM" and me.

Q.  How long have you been involved with swimming and what made you become involved in swimming?

A.  When our first child had reached the stage of walking all the sudden a fear of her toddling off in to her grandparents pool and drowning became very real. So in an effort to "drown proof" her we put her in swim lessons.  At 18 months of age you have two choices, as a non-swimmer, you can take a mommy and me class (NO WAY was I going to do that, run around in a swimsuit, nuh uhh not me) or you can put your little tike in private lessons. We opted for the private lessons where they taught your little one how to get to the edge of the pool if she fell in.  Our oldest who is now almost 12 did awesome and thus began the tradition of our children taking private lessons until the age of 3 and then moving into group classes.

First Day of Swim Lessons

Splashing around with Jilly Bean

Now I will skip ahead five years move to a different state and enroll our oldest again in swim lessons.  Where it is discovered she is in a level to low for her.  Move her up a level, NOPE, not that one either, move her up one more level and suddenly you find that your six year old is in level that most kids do not take until they are ten or older (I didn't know this at the time). Within a year our oldest had moved through all the remaining levels and found herself the only girl in a class full of boys in swim team prep.  

"Hey Mom, where is the pool?"

When it comes to my kids I'm what you would call a question gal.  My mind started to buzz, what is swim team prep, who can be on swim team, what do you have to do to be on swim team? We started going to swim lesson's early so that our oldest could watch the swim team practice.  She thought it was kind of cool.  Meanwhile the class of boys were kicking her but. (Most of them, I know now, were over twelve and she was barely seven at this point) One day after class she got out of the pool just steamed that they beat her time and time again.  At the time I happened to be standing near the high school records board and said, "Look, at those times the boys times are always faster."  Again what I didn't know then that I know now is my daughter is a tad of a feminist.  The next day at class she beat those boy's time and time again. She was  awesome! 

Our oldest first swim meet (indoor pool pictures are notoriously bad)

To tie this question up, shortly after that she joined the swim team.  "TheSwimMom," wasn't born yet but in a short while a whole world that I didn't even know exist would become a major part of my life. What had started out as a mom afraid of her baby drowning would turn into a whole new lifestyle.

Outdoor Swim Meet 2008, Four years and still going strong 

"The best part of swim meets is down time, where you can take pictures of yourself."

Ask "TheSwimMom" is going to be a weekly post so if you have any questions let me know.  Next week I will be talking about swim equipment.  Swimsuits, goggles, flippers what you should buy what you shouldn't waste your money on and how to keep chlorine from eating it all gone.

September 27, 2008


Can you say this in one breath: SUPER SOCCER,SWIM, PICTURE, WOMEN'S CONFERENCE SATURDAY. Ok, you can breathe now.  As you may have gathered today was a very busy, busy day.  We started at 6:30am getting up and going in order to get to Andrew's very first swim meet. It was a pretty exciting meet, watching Andrew really get a chance to test out his swim abilities.  He has been on the team for about 6 months and was more then ready for this day.  

He participated in three events the 50 back, 50 breast and the 50 free.  He did awesome on his 50 back his very first event ever. Here is a pic of his time.

After the meet Andrew changed into his soccer uniform and we made a run to his game.  Where he was so pumped up he scored a goal and came close time and time again. It was really fun to watch Andrew have a successful athletic day.  After soccer we had to run and have a team picture taken.

What you can't see in the above picture is the return of Andrew's Mo-hawk.  Last night in celebration of his first meet I shaved his head with the exception of the strip on top.  During his soccer game and pictures he had it all spiked up.  After the game the coach said that he played so well that he thinks it was the Mo-Hawk. Oh brother! The deal with the mo-hawk is he has to shave it before church on Sunday so pour kid wont be as good next week.

At Andrew's game I was sitting next to a neighbor (Hubby was at Sam's soccer game) as we watched the game she received no less then 15 phone calls.  All of them from sisters, sister-n-laws, mom and mom-n-laws inviting her to the Woman's Broadcast and girls night out. I laughed each time the phone rang.  Because each time she explained that she had a long enough day and wasn't going to the broadcast. As the phone rang for the 10th time I told her she should just go. She was exasperated! I then said, "Well you don't hear my phone ringing do you?  All of my family lives in California (I know Sharonda, but it isn't like either one of us is going to travel two hours to go together:)) so going with family is a little out of the question. You should go." Well she didn't change her mind and I left the game feeling a little picked on. 

Just one of those moments that you wish you lived closer to family.  Well everybody made it home after a long morning and afternoon of soccer, swimming and pictures.  I lied down for my "I am exhausted from cheering nap," when the phone rang.  It was a friend asking me to go to the broadcast with her and some other friends.  

I started laughing and accepted the invitation.  Even though it meant getting up, getting pretty and getting out the door, again! I felt that I couldn't mope that I had no one to go with and then turn down an invitation to go with someone.  I knew it was one of the reasons I was grateful for the friends that are in my life.

If you went to the Broadcast or saw it on TV you know it was a wonderful conference.  All the speakers did a wonderful job.  I especially loved President Uchtdorf's talk.  What a wonderful sense of humour he has and right now I need all of the laughter I can get. Also, I loved his message about our inner creativity and how important it is for us to explore and develop those creative parts of us. I also, really enjoyed Sis. Thompson's talk.  Actually, I just enjoyed watching her talk.  What a wonderful smile I just wanted to go to Salt Lake and meet her and make her my friend.  I love people that have smiles that light up their whole being.  How do I become one of those people?

As I write this post I am reminded of a book that I read that said something like, "What we put out into the universe comes back to us."  I think it is funny the day after I post some of the things that I am grateful for that I had a whole day of examples of those things. Maybe I should work on being grateful more often.

Hard to believe but we are down to just three more SUPER SOCCER SATURDAYS.  This week was such a great week I almost don't want them to end.  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

September 26, 2008


I have decided that today I am going to be grateful.  My thinking being that if I can think of all the reasons I am grateful maybe I can chase all my doldrums away.  Of course I do much better with the post that I can just rant and rave about the injustice of Diet Soda addictions. However, it has occurred to me that often I am much better at ummm complaining then I am at remembering and voicing my reasons to be happy or at the very least thankful.  So here is my list in no particular order than what occurs to me as I sit here and type.

Brent, I am grateful to my husband because (1) He puts up with me. Seriously I sometimes look at him and think he must be crazy to stick with me. Because the truth is I am a little crazy, a little manic, a little moody. . . ummm. . . ok in light of the new "no soda" rule A LOT MOODY, a little prickly. . .ok, ok, a lot prickly (I blame it on my Prussian genes) and in general I don't really let him know that he makes me happy because I'm to busy reminding him of all the reasons I'm Not.  I know, I know "Bad Krissi Bad!"

My Wonderful Monsters, I am grateful to my kids for a lot of reasons.  I am grateful because through them I have discovered the best parts of myself and a few of the bad parts as well.  I am grateful to them because, because of them I have learned to push myself out of my comfort zone and explore the world. I am grateful to Sam because she never says I can't, which I never realized I say too much.  I am grateful to Andrew because one day he will realize how incredibly smart he is and will never look back.  I am grateful to have a part in helping him find that out.  I am grateful to Alex because through her I have began to understand the frustrations my parents dealt with while raising me.  I better love and understand what a "but" I was.  Also, through her I have discovered a sense of humor and peace with myself. I am grateful for Henry because through him I have began to understand why my in-laws thought my husband was perfect.  P.S. He's not but they do a pretty darn good impression of perfect.

My parents, who taught me all they could but most of all taught me that "I can handle anything." My mom use to say, "You have 30 seconds to feel sorry for yourself then move on." I use to hate when she said that but I often find myself repeating it to my children, specifically Alex, go figure. I also find myself repeating it to myself, often! The other thing my parents taught me was how to laugh. I have often been teased about my giggle reflex and the fact that often once you get me laughing I laugh until my sides hurt and my eyes tear.  I blame it on my parents and all the times we spent laughing.

My brothers who have taught me more about living with other people then anyone else. Particularly my brother Matt who taught me one of the most valuable lessons of my life.  Arguing is futile.  If someone has a opinion different then yours arguing with them is not going to change it.  Accept the difference and move on.  From my brother Jake I have learned that sometimes you just have to step back and let people fall and having a big heart means big hurts but it also means big love.  

My mind is in family mode so I'm going to add in my in-laws. All of them together because as a whole here are a few things that I'm grateful for.  I'm grateful that when my children were baptized that there was a whole room full of people to celebrate with them.  I'm grateful that the kids have cousins that they get to laugh with and learn from.  Believe it or not Sam loves reading through every ones blogs and seeing pictures of her cousins and seeing what they are up to.  I'm grateful that we share the same belief and that we have encouragement in following the gospel. 

I'm grateful for friends and I wish that I could just go through each and everyone of you and list what particular thing I am grateful for so you would know that each of you add to my life.  Each one of you have a particular trait that is much needed and enjoyed.  From knowing how to play, how to learn, how to laugh, how to cook, how to save, all of you are admired for who you are.

I'm grateful for the gospel.  I am grateful to know who I am, where I am from, what the purpose is to my life, and where I am going. I am grateful for belonging to a gospel that calls me to callings that I don't want and to work with people I don't want to.  I have learned to love and care for people I didn't know and people I didn't think I wanted to know. As I sit in the chapel on Sunday's I realize just how many people I have shared my life with and how much each of them mean to me.

I'm grateful for my home. I really promise to end here because it occurs to me I could probably go on all day. You probably all have your own lives to live. Right? I'm grateful for having a mortgage I can afford right now.:) I'm thankful to have  a place to call home a place to raise my kids and place that hopefully we can feel with good memories and lots of laughter. Also,  I am grateful to have a place to plant flowers.:) Which leads me back to Brent who has worked to provide this for us. 

So that is all I will write today.   The truth is I am feeling a little bit better and maybe I am over the worse of the Diet Soda doldrums.  Thank you for all your comments that made me laugh and thankful to have blog.  :) You all Rock!

September 25, 2008

In A Funk!

Ok, it is true I have been in a funk.  Downtrodden, in the dumps, feeling low, feeling blue and in general not a happy camper. (Just in case your wondering I used a thesaurus :)) I swear if I have to hear one more news cast about the state of the economy I am going to cry.  If I have to listen to Bent say one more time, "things are slow because of the economy."  If I have to listen to our Sunday school teacher go on and on and on (and on and on...get it?) one more Sunday that surely the real estate balloon popping is the sign of the end of the world.  Well I am.... I'm going to...well I haven't really decided what I am going to do.  Maybe hit him and Brent and (who do I hit for the state of the economy?) well just start swinging.

Ohh, all that is a bunch of bunk, yes all that is upsetting but here is the real reason for my funk, my dumps,my blues,my lows.

So if you are one of THOSE PEOPLE you can just stop reading right now.  Just in case I need to, let me clarify who THOSE PEOPLE are.  They are the people who have no longing for the wonderful bubbly goodness of a great diet drink.  They are the people who do not yearn for the yumminess of  23 flavors of goodness.  They feel no desire to stop their day and head to the nearest fountain drink provider and fill the largest cup available full of carbonated wonder. THOSE PEOPLE have no hankering to fulfill their thirst with bubbly, carbonated, yumminess. I dare say that THOSE PEOPLE probably feel the best thing to drink when thirsty is water (said with disgust and cringing).  So as I said if you are one of THOSE PEOPLE you can just stop reading right now.

Are you still here, well if your still here then you will probably understand my umm funk. Especially when I tell you that my friend Wendy has hit again.  She has decided, yes I am blaming this all on her, it would be in my best interest to "cut back" on my soda consumption.  I know, right! I mean just because a person drinks more soda then water a day does not mean they have a problem. Right? Just because your husband while watching you drink a soda says, "Umm, I wish you were that happy to see me." doesn't mean you have an issue. Right? Just because your entire day revolves around your favorite soda fountain providers business hours, does not mean you have a problem. Right? Right? Umm, I'm not hearing any "Right Krissi!" Are you all gone?  Hello, are you there?  

Oh there you are. So I guess maybe their might be a chance that I might be a tad, tiny, I mean just the littlest bit addicted to Diet Soda.  But you know nothing that I can't stop whenever I want to.  Just you know it has been a week and I'm kinda trying to remember why I shouldn't have a soda and I'm kinda thinking that it is the fact that I am not buying my soda that the economy is hurting and I'm thinking that all of America would be much happier if I started drinking my soda again.  Don't you think?

September 22, 2008


I know, I know I am two days late posting my SUPER SOCCER SATURDAY post.  The only excuse I have is that SUPER SOCCER SATURDAY wears me out.  Especially when we are lucky enough to watch all the kids play.  Meaning the schedules work out that we are able to go to all the games.  While it is fun to watch all the kids play it makes for a long day. I might also want to add that Sam's game which is two 35 minute halves was played almost in it's entirety in the rain. LOTS OF FUN people.  Let me tell you life just doesn't get much better than watching 70 minutes of soccer in a down pour.

Any way I thought some of you might be wondering about our child who has chosen not to participate in SUPER SOCCER SATURDAY.  What does she do on these soccer days?  Do we love her even though she chooses a different lifestyle?

Well we still love her and in fact she provides us with a lot of entertainment on SUPER SOCCER SATURDAY.  Each week she chooses one or two soccer games to attend. While she is there she is supportive of whatever sibling is playing whether it is providing them water, or cheering loudly or as in Henry's case this week providing a target.  Alex is our gal!


Yes that is right! Henry's team holds their practice each week for a 1/2 hour before the game.  This week during practice Alex and two other sisters from the team provided their backsides as targets for the little boys.  The boys thought it was great fun to kick balls at their sisters and not get in trouble. Alex was a great sport about it even when she did get a ball to the back.  

I love that she can enjoy soccer as a spectator even if she doesn't enjoy playing.  I also love that she can be her own person and let us know that it isn't what she enjoys. She is a our drama princess and whenever one or two of the other kids grumble about watching her in play or singing I just remind them of how much time she spends supporting them.  Most of the time that quiets them down because they know she is a great cheerleader.  

Well all I have left to say is 4 more SUPER SOCCER SATURDAY'S left.  Next week we get a bonus because Andrew will be  swimming in his very first swim meet. GO KIDS!!!

September 18, 2008


Tonight is book club, yey! Well ok if I had actually gotten around to posting this blog when I was suppose to then that would have been true. But the truth is that book club was last night. Our book club has been dying for a little while so we are trying to pump some new life into it. It appears our biggest problem with book club is that while we choose a book to read and then read the book we rarely actually spend time discussing the book. To many other important things to discuss. Such as what Kindergarten teacher is really not a good teacher, and Albertson's is having their Box Top Sale, and my kid licks his foot every night before he goes to bed is that weird? "Ummm" we all answer, "Of course not, I do that too." So as I was saying, while we mention the book in passing we don't spend a long time dwelling on it because we have important things to talk about. You know like licking feet and lifeguard abs. However, we had a blast and a few times I laughed until I cried, we all did which makes me wonder why Brent keeps asking if we had a good time. "Did he not hear us cackling all night?" It was a great time and it is always fun to have a girlfriend night.

However, dear readers I have a bone to pick with you. I am very disappointed that my kitty pictures have elicited no comments. I mean my photography skills rocked. A cat licking her chops while staring out the window at birds, come on a chuckle should have been had by one or two of you. An animal so in love with her catnip she rolls around on the floor in glee. I'm shocked that not one person could connect with a love that great. All I can think is that one, you are bored of me and while you endured the garden pictures the animal pictures are just to much. Two, you are not animal people and only think that crazy, insane, not so intelligent people would own a 170lb dog. No offense, because I agree! Three, you missed that post and the pictures and I have to post them again so as to get your attention. Or four, you are missing my garden post and wondering what happened to them.

That must be it you have not had enough flower pictures of late and who wants to look at a stupid picture of a cat when there is a whole hard drive full of flower pictures. :) Ok, well of course tomorrow is SUPER SOCCER SATURDAY post but come Sunday it is going to be flowers, flowers and flowers because I hate to disappoint you.

September 17, 2008

Mom's Always Find Out!

At the beginning of the growing season I was weeding our front flower bed when I found some seedlings.  I wasn't sure what they were but strangely enough they were all lined up along our porch.  Having discovered via our sunflowers that letting random plants grow can be interesting, I left the seedlings alone.  After a few weeks I took the healthiest of the ten and moved them to a spot that was better watered.

Soon the leafs became bigger and it became apparent that what I had growing was watermelon. Obviously, at some point last summer my children or umm maybe even Hubby had sat on the front porch, eating watermelon, and spitting the seeds into my flower bed.

Through out the summer the watermelon kept producing flowers but no watermelon.  Knowing that a lot of the fruits and vegetables you buy at the store won't necessarily produce more from their seeds, we wondered if maybe we were letting a watermelon vine grow and we would never get a watermelon. 

Well a few weeks before school started we spotted several of these little guys.  

They were actual watermelons.  I realized at this point that I had never seen a watermelon smaller than the ones you buy at the store.  It was so strange and little (sorry dad, maybe we grew them as kids but I don't remember). Right as school started they were this big. Henry is the one holding them so you have an idea of their size.

Today the watermelons are the size of bowling balls and we have three of them. We have been pulling all the rest off in order to give the three all the growing power they can get.  Especially considering that any moment the weather could drop below freezing.  The official end of growing season in these parts.

It has been fun to let all these random plants grow this summer.  We have had sunflowers, watermelon and about a month ago we discovered a cantaloupe plant growing in our side yard.  We have no idea how that came to be and while it has grown a couple of fruits they are so small we doubt we will pick any fruit off of it.

Meanwhile, I have enjoyed torturing the hubby and kids that eventually I will always find out what they have been up to.

September 16, 2008

Our Beast, No I don't mean my children.

Currently we have two animals in our home.  The first being Izzy who I have previously talked about. She is quite the character who is becoming more and more Brent's dog.  One of the things we read about Mastiffs is that they have really good ears and start to recognize the noises of the people they love.  Sometimes I know Brent is home before he even pulls into the drive way because Izzy runs to the door and starts thumping her tail.  Most of Brent's welcome homes come from Izzy since she wants to talk to him and keeps the rest of us away until she has her chance. 

Our second animal is Carmen she is a cat. I wont tell you what Brent calls her, lets just say Brent is not a fan of cats.  However, the great thing about cats, they really don't care what you think of them.  Carmen is a character.  If we leave her alone and go out of town she tears things up.  Most of the time something that makes Brent yell and stomp around the house.  She loves the kids and barely tolerates us adults.  Most nights she can be found in one of their beds.  She changes who is her favorite and you can never predict who will be the chosen one.  She loves catnip.  I don't think I can quite express this love.  Short of obsessive. Below is a picture of her with the catnip.  When was the last time you loved something so much that you rolled around on the floor hugging it.

Currently Carmen's obsession is birds.  Brent has hung a humming bird feeder outside our bedroom window.  Several times a day the humming birds are in and out of it eating.  Carmen sits on the window seal and stares and stares and stares and licks her lips and thinks, "If only this screen would go away."  The other day I watched a humming bird dance around right in front of her nose.  I swear that bird was saying, "Ha Ha you can't get me." Poor Carmen, it is almost cruel. Which is why I think Brent gets such a kick out of it. 
Go ahead click on this picture and feel Carmen's pain.

September 13, 2008

Soccer Saturday, You Win Some, You Loose Some

Today was another fun soccer field (get it soccer field, ha ha ha, I'm being funny people) Saturday. It was also a very rare soccer schedule day being as Hubby and I were able to go to all three games together.  That hardly ever happens.  We started out this morning at 9 am at Andrew's game.  Which turned into a very interesting game, when parents from the opposing team began to yell at our coach and the referee.  Sometimes the thing I hate most about sports is parents.  There little boys just let them have fun and learn the sport.  Andrew played very good as long as the coach put him in the position he wanted.  When he wasn't in the position he wanted he was a bit of a toad.  I blame it on the green uniform. 

This is a picture of Andrew, notice his back is turned, we have been having many a discussion of my lack of Andrew photos and one day him going, "Hey, mom why are there no pictures of me."  THIS IS WHY!!! The little bugger hardly ever lets me get a good photo.  So be it I will just keep all these photos as proof that I tried.

Henry's game was next. I love watching the little guys play.  Three on three bunch ball is hilarious.  I have to say the fun thing about the youngest starting sports is that they have spent so much time watching the older kids play they really know what they are suppose to do.  Henry totally gets that you want it in the other teams goal and you don't want the ball in your goal.  He is very good at getting the ball in and keeping it out.  At the end of the game he said the score was 10 to zip.  I think it was more like 5 to 4 but who am I to argue. 

Sam's game was last and I am very sad to have to say that the undefeated team has now been defeated.  However, the world did not crash to an end so it must be ok to loose a game or  two.  They played very good but the other team played just a bit better.  Seventy minutes of soccer and the game ended 2 to 1.  Sam played her little heart out with a header up to a forward who put the ball in the goal.  That is when soccer is fun.  She also took a ball right to the face those are the days she can't wait for the braces to come off.

As you can see in the pictures it was a beautiful day and after three soccer games my cheeks are nice and burnt.  The weather was so perfect I didn't even notice I was getting fried. After all the games were over I rewarded my spectator self with a nap.  It was a tough day all that cheering. Lucky for me there are only 5 more Super Soccer Saturdays left.

September 12, 2008

Does Anyone Have a Time Machine?

I can't believe that this cute boy has gone and left me at home by myself. Is there any one out there with a time machine so I can turn back time a year or two? Watching your kids get to big for you kind of bites.


September 11, 2008

I Always Hated being IT!

Ok, Stacy I think this is what I am suppose to do. But you had to know that I am wordy. What can be answered in one sentence I have to explain in a paragraph. So remember you asked for it.

My Joys:

1. Garden Nurseries, I love walking into a garden nursery, I love the smell of fresh dirt and all the yummy fertilizers. I love, love, love walking around and seeing all the flowers in bloom. I love to imagine them in my yard where they would look the best and helping them grow in to big beautiful plants. Most of all I love buying plants at the nursery bringing them home, planting them and boring all my Blog readers with pictures of my flowers.

2. Barnes & Noble, I love walking into Barnes and Noble’s. My favorite display tables are the buy 2 get 1 free, the young adult table and the classic book table. I also love the new release books. However, most of them are hard back and I do not have a hard back budget so mostly I love paperbacks. I love Barnes and Nobles mainly because of the smell. First, the smell of books it is like smelling the potential of an awesome story. I also love the smell of all those wonderful gooey coffee drinks they sell. I don’t drink them but I love the smell of them mixed with the smell of books. Funny enough the smell of coffee makes me want to buy a new book.

3. Finally, I love to see my children smile. For details on this one you can go to this blog entry “Love being a Mom”.

My Fears:

I’m not going to lie and say I don’t have any fears because everybody has fears. However, when I started this Blog I made a few guidelines or rules for myself. One of those rules being that I wouldn’t focus on the negative parts of my life. I use this Blog as kind of a joy journal. Things that make me happy, things that make me laugh, things that make life worth living. Which leads me to “My Goals.”

My Goals:

My goals are more like a mission statement so here it is enjoy life. Be the best person I can possibly be. Always, choose an area of my life that can be improved and improve. Never, loose who I am, trying to make somebody else happy. Surround myself with people who I want to be like. Currently I want to be like Carrie ( a mom on Sam’s soccer team) she uses the word banana when she is swearing. It is hilarious! Kristi (a women from church) I don’t think I have ever seen her when she isn’t smiling. Stephanie Plum (fictional character in a book) she is constantly in a scrape but she always comes out on top. She doesn’t care what people think of her. I want to be like that. These are just a few there are many more.

Current Obsessions:

Ummm, really have you not been reading this blog! ☺


1. Most of my friends agree with this one, thinking I was fat in high school. We all agree we would love to be as fat as we thought we were in high school.

2. I’m not sure if this is a regret but I will list it here anyways. There are a lot of people who think they know what I am like. I have been told that I don’t have to say anything and how I feel is apparent. I was recently even told to start being nice to someone, who I have never been mean to. When I said that she said, “Yes, I know but it is just how you are when she is around.” I don’t know what this means. Ok, well that is a lie. Because I get that I am a rather intense person I am a quarter Dutch, and a quarter German it is in the genes. However, I love my boss because one day we were having a situation at work and a few days later she said this, “Krissi, I love you, because dump something ugly on you, give you a day or two and you make it better.” She then said, “But if you don’t give it a day or two you’re a bear to deal with.” It takes me time people give me time and I can deal with anything. Just don’t assume you know what I am thinking or feeling. I’m a complicated soul. :)

Facts About Me:

I’m an open book ask me anything read this Blog it is all there. I’m lousy at secrets, which is why I make a horrible Santa Claus. The worse few weeks of my life was when two friends told me they were pregnant and not to tell anyone. They lived next door to each other and I had to keep my mouth shut. It sucked! I should add one to this tag.

Biggest Life Lesson you Have Learned:

Learning to keep my mouth shut. Not everybody cares what I think about everything. Sometimes people don’t care what I think about anything. Which is the number one reason why I have this Blog. So I can say what I think about things and if you don’t want to listen to it you can just close the page. It is a beautiful thing. ☺

That is all and I guess that I am suppose to tag someone in return. But I really suck at games that require running. ☺ That was a joke people! So in my world Tag works like this. If you actually managed to make it to the end of this Blog entry. YOUR IT!!!! Just leave a comment so we know that your it.

Remembering 9/11

This summer I had the opportunity to visit Pearl Harbor.  While at Pearl Harbor I was able to learn, really learn what happened on that fateful December day.  On the grounds of Pearl Harbor before you go out into the harbor their on plaques.  On the plaques are the names of all the civilians and military people who died on that day.  Included with their names was their rank, civilian or military and their age.  No one was spared that day not the elderly, civilians, babies, and young people alike were all taken.  Killed by a country trying to tear down the American spirit.  What I learned was that the Japanese believed that an attack like that of Pearl Harbor would not only weaken our countries military capabilities it would  break our spirits. 

Well as history has shown you may kill an American but you can not kill the spirit of America. It was difficult having lived through 9/11 not to see the similarities between the attacks.  The terrorist of 9/11 believed they could break the American spirit. They believed that by breaking through our defenses, attacking us right under our own noses, going after our leaders and our militarily our country would fall.

However, like the Japanese they were wrong.  Today while walking Henry to school I was able to walk down a street lined with American flags.  Our boy scout troop puts the flags out on every flag holiday.  Today they put them out to help us remember the attack of 9/11.   Now, I'm not a political expert and I wont even pretend that I know the candidates well enough to even pretend to tell any one who to vote for.  I do hope that we all vote.  That we let our tiny voice be heard because while one little voice may not make a difference together our voices our a roar. Together we are the spirit of America that has defeated our foes over and over.