September 18, 2008


Tonight is book club, yey! Well ok if I had actually gotten around to posting this blog when I was suppose to then that would have been true. But the truth is that book club was last night. Our book club has been dying for a little while so we are trying to pump some new life into it. It appears our biggest problem with book club is that while we choose a book to read and then read the book we rarely actually spend time discussing the book. To many other important things to discuss. Such as what Kindergarten teacher is really not a good teacher, and Albertson's is having their Box Top Sale, and my kid licks his foot every night before he goes to bed is that weird? "Ummm" we all answer, "Of course not, I do that too." So as I was saying, while we mention the book in passing we don't spend a long time dwelling on it because we have important things to talk about. You know like licking feet and lifeguard abs. However, we had a blast and a few times I laughed until I cried, we all did which makes me wonder why Brent keeps asking if we had a good time. "Did he not hear us cackling all night?" It was a great time and it is always fun to have a girlfriend night.

However, dear readers I have a bone to pick with you. I am very disappointed that my kitty pictures have elicited no comments. I mean my photography skills rocked. A cat licking her chops while staring out the window at birds, come on a chuckle should have been had by one or two of you. An animal so in love with her catnip she rolls around on the floor in glee. I'm shocked that not one person could connect with a love that great. All I can think is that one, you are bored of me and while you endured the garden pictures the animal pictures are just to much. Two, you are not animal people and only think that crazy, insane, not so intelligent people would own a 170lb dog. No offense, because I agree! Three, you missed that post and the pictures and I have to post them again so as to get your attention. Or four, you are missing my garden post and wondering what happened to them.

That must be it you have not had enough flower pictures of late and who wants to look at a stupid picture of a cat when there is a whole hard drive full of flower pictures. :) Ok, well of course tomorrow is SUPER SOCCER SATURDAY post but come Sunday it is going to be flowers, flowers and flowers because I hate to disappoint you.

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