September 11, 2008

I Always Hated being IT!

Ok, Stacy I think this is what I am suppose to do. But you had to know that I am wordy. What can be answered in one sentence I have to explain in a paragraph. So remember you asked for it.

My Joys:

1. Garden Nurseries, I love walking into a garden nursery, I love the smell of fresh dirt and all the yummy fertilizers. I love, love, love walking around and seeing all the flowers in bloom. I love to imagine them in my yard where they would look the best and helping them grow in to big beautiful plants. Most of all I love buying plants at the nursery bringing them home, planting them and boring all my Blog readers with pictures of my flowers.

2. Barnes & Noble, I love walking into Barnes and Noble’s. My favorite display tables are the buy 2 get 1 free, the young adult table and the classic book table. I also love the new release books. However, most of them are hard back and I do not have a hard back budget so mostly I love paperbacks. I love Barnes and Nobles mainly because of the smell. First, the smell of books it is like smelling the potential of an awesome story. I also love the smell of all those wonderful gooey coffee drinks they sell. I don’t drink them but I love the smell of them mixed with the smell of books. Funny enough the smell of coffee makes me want to buy a new book.

3. Finally, I love to see my children smile. For details on this one you can go to this blog entry “Love being a Mom”.

My Fears:

I’m not going to lie and say I don’t have any fears because everybody has fears. However, when I started this Blog I made a few guidelines or rules for myself. One of those rules being that I wouldn’t focus on the negative parts of my life. I use this Blog as kind of a joy journal. Things that make me happy, things that make me laugh, things that make life worth living. Which leads me to “My Goals.”

My Goals:

My goals are more like a mission statement so here it is enjoy life. Be the best person I can possibly be. Always, choose an area of my life that can be improved and improve. Never, loose who I am, trying to make somebody else happy. Surround myself with people who I want to be like. Currently I want to be like Carrie ( a mom on Sam’s soccer team) she uses the word banana when she is swearing. It is hilarious! Kristi (a women from church) I don’t think I have ever seen her when she isn’t smiling. Stephanie Plum (fictional character in a book) she is constantly in a scrape but she always comes out on top. She doesn’t care what people think of her. I want to be like that. These are just a few there are many more.

Current Obsessions:

Ummm, really have you not been reading this blog! ☺


1. Most of my friends agree with this one, thinking I was fat in high school. We all agree we would love to be as fat as we thought we were in high school.

2. I’m not sure if this is a regret but I will list it here anyways. There are a lot of people who think they know what I am like. I have been told that I don’t have to say anything and how I feel is apparent. I was recently even told to start being nice to someone, who I have never been mean to. When I said that she said, “Yes, I know but it is just how you are when she is around.” I don’t know what this means. Ok, well that is a lie. Because I get that I am a rather intense person I am a quarter Dutch, and a quarter German it is in the genes. However, I love my boss because one day we were having a situation at work and a few days later she said this, “Krissi, I love you, because dump something ugly on you, give you a day or two and you make it better.” She then said, “But if you don’t give it a day or two you’re a bear to deal with.” It takes me time people give me time and I can deal with anything. Just don’t assume you know what I am thinking or feeling. I’m a complicated soul. :)

Facts About Me:

I’m an open book ask me anything read this Blog it is all there. I’m lousy at secrets, which is why I make a horrible Santa Claus. The worse few weeks of my life was when two friends told me they were pregnant and not to tell anyone. They lived next door to each other and I had to keep my mouth shut. It sucked! I should add one to this tag.

Biggest Life Lesson you Have Learned:

Learning to keep my mouth shut. Not everybody cares what I think about everything. Sometimes people don’t care what I think about anything. Which is the number one reason why I have this Blog. So I can say what I think about things and if you don’t want to listen to it you can just close the page. It is a beautiful thing. ☺

That is all and I guess that I am suppose to tag someone in return. But I really suck at games that require running. ☺ That was a joke people! So in my world Tag works like this. If you actually managed to make it to the end of this Blog entry. YOUR IT!!!! Just leave a comment so we know that your it.

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The Larson Family said...

Hey! I was "it" too! I was going to tag you but you already did it! I love your post, pictures are great! Yes I totally wish I was as "fat" as I was in High School! That is so true!!! So I guess you're not it!!