September 25, 2008

In A Funk!

Ok, it is true I have been in a funk.  Downtrodden, in the dumps, feeling low, feeling blue and in general not a happy camper. (Just in case your wondering I used a thesaurus :)) I swear if I have to hear one more news cast about the state of the economy I am going to cry.  If I have to listen to Bent say one more time, "things are slow because of the economy."  If I have to listen to our Sunday school teacher go on and on and on (and on and on...get it?) one more Sunday that surely the real estate balloon popping is the sign of the end of the world.  Well I am.... I'm going to...well I haven't really decided what I am going to do.  Maybe hit him and Brent and (who do I hit for the state of the economy?) well just start swinging.

Ohh, all that is a bunch of bunk, yes all that is upsetting but here is the real reason for my funk, my dumps,my blues,my lows.

So if you are one of THOSE PEOPLE you can just stop reading right now.  Just in case I need to, let me clarify who THOSE PEOPLE are.  They are the people who have no longing for the wonderful bubbly goodness of a great diet drink.  They are the people who do not yearn for the yumminess of  23 flavors of goodness.  They feel no desire to stop their day and head to the nearest fountain drink provider and fill the largest cup available full of carbonated wonder. THOSE PEOPLE have no hankering to fulfill their thirst with bubbly, carbonated, yumminess. I dare say that THOSE PEOPLE probably feel the best thing to drink when thirsty is water (said with disgust and cringing).  So as I said if you are one of THOSE PEOPLE you can just stop reading right now.

Are you still here, well if your still here then you will probably understand my umm funk. Especially when I tell you that my friend Wendy has hit again.  She has decided, yes I am blaming this all on her, it would be in my best interest to "cut back" on my soda consumption.  I know, right! I mean just because a person drinks more soda then water a day does not mean they have a problem. Right? Just because your husband while watching you drink a soda says, "Umm, I wish you were that happy to see me." doesn't mean you have an issue. Right? Just because your entire day revolves around your favorite soda fountain providers business hours, does not mean you have a problem. Right? Right? Umm, I'm not hearing any "Right Krissi!" Are you all gone?  Hello, are you there?  

Oh there you are. So I guess maybe their might be a chance that I might be a tad, tiny, I mean just the littlest bit addicted to Diet Soda.  But you know nothing that I can't stop whenever I want to.  Just you know it has been a week and I'm kinda trying to remember why I shouldn't have a soda and I'm kinda thinking that it is the fact that I am not buying my soda that the economy is hurting and I'm thinking that all of America would be much happier if I started drinking my soda again.  Don't you think?


4kidsandcrazy said...

Have you really gone a whole week?!? I'm so impressed. I thought I was doing well when I waited until after lunch for my first can. How long is it supposed to take before the longing goes away? Not that I'm ready to give it up any time soon, just wonderin.

ashleeeee said...
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ashleeeee said...
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ashleeeee said...

I love church. Oh man. *eyeroll*. Your comment about church at the beginning of this post reminded me of last Sunday.... when Brother Random comes up to us and says "the economy's going down. Down, down, down. You know they have 'bout 50 trains just parked up there in Ogden. My horse, Ol' Paint died when the economy was down. Ain't go nowhere, them trains. Just parked. Economy's goin' down. Down, down, down." (hm, I think I'm going to blog this on my site.)

You can help the economy by buying Sobe drinks. Some are not caffienated, but have natural boosts (ginseng), and they cost more than diet drinks per unit. There ya go, both problems solved, thirst and the failing economy.

Scott and Stacy said...

A week is good enough Krissi. When Teryn got her braces I told her I would help her stick to her no foods list by not eating or drinking anything on her list with her. She went a total of 2 days while I stuck with it for 3 months. Scott brought home a diet coke one day and I had a "sip", turned into me drinking the whole thing. Something about that 'bubbly goodness' as you called it, reminded me of how good it is. Water is only good with hot cocoa.

Willow said...

Hi, my name is Willow and I like to drink water.

However, I do love, Love, LOVE a nice diet, chocolate coke. Yes, that's right... I like chocolate in my soda. Adding chocolate kinda takes the diet right out of the coke.

As far as your soda ban, I am reminded of a now old song, "the more you suffer, the more it shows you really care. Right" See, you weren't addicted, you were just very caring about your carbonated friend.