September 05, 2008

Is the Week Over?

This was suppose to be one of those weeks that stay at home mom's look forward to.  Tuesday was suppose to be my day of celebration.  A day filled with bons bons and shopping.  Just in case you don't know what I am talking about.  After 12 years of being a stay at home mom.  With stay at home children.  My little Henry started school.

I walked him to school, I stood with him line waiting for his teacher, walked him to the door of his class, where he turned and said, "Bye, mom you can leave now." So what was I suppose to do I left.

Which turned out to be a very good thing because by the time I hit the door of my home I was sick.  I won't go into details of how sick I was, let just say it was gross. Somehow I had managed to come down with the stomach flu.

The stomach flu that took me down for two solid days and now that it has gone has left me shaky and weak on the best day this week.

Meanwhile, life marched on.  Henry loves school, Sam has started orchestra playing the Cello, this along with everything else she does. I vaguely remember an argument taking place between Brent and Sam where he was trying to get her to give up something.  She just told him no and I can do it and I will figure it out and........well I don't know the rest because I sank back into unconsciousness. Andrew and Alex are resisting school a little more they are missing the carefree days of summer.

Andrew is suffering from video game withdrawal.  I think if he doesn't get a video game fix soon we may have to put him in a treatment facility.  Alex is just resisting the whole educational process, her thoughts are more along the line of, "Everything I need to know Hanna Montana can teach me."  

Have I mentioned how much I HATE TV. 

Meanwhile the home schooling parents have more then doubled in our neighborhood this year.  Leaving my middle two saying, "We want home school." Of course we all know they want the home part a little more then the school part.

Be prepared for a future rant on Home school.

So that just leaves me with one question, Is The Week Over Yet?  


Willow said...

Stomach flu is never any fun. However, the week is over and since you are not in school, you can have a fun weekend even though you were sick during the week (it was always my parents' rule that if you missed school on Friday, then you missed the whole weekend too). So, go get some bon bons, a good book, something fabulous to drink (soda, hot chocolate, virgin margaritas) and be carefree for the next few hours!

Oh, and plan better for next week... you kinda blew the no-kids-fun-factor when the yacking started.

Amos said...

So sorry to hear that you were sick. That really stinks. Hopefully next week goes better for you.

Scott and Stacy said...

Sorry to hear you were sick, the flu is never a good thing, especially when all your kids are finally in school and you have your own private time.
Home schooling is starting to spread like wild fire around here. The school systems are slowly going under. At our house the kids will finish elementary school and then they will go into a home schooling program. A couple of other moms I have talked to want to put their kids in a home schooling program too. I found one that we are going to do where the kids each get their own computer and their teachers teach them online and they get the books and supplies they need for free and then when test time comes around they have to go to the office to take their tests. So this is Teryn's final year of public school. She can't wait. Austin wants to start now. Poor guy hates his teacher.