September 01, 2008

The Kid's First Day of School

I Hope everyone is enjoying school.  I can't believe that all my little monsters are in school.  I still can't figure out what I am suppose to do with myself. 


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Sharonda and Zaron said...

Very cute pictures!! You are very professional. I'm still going to call you about doing our family picture; as soon as we get our act together around here.

P.S. Hey, if you plan on taking your kids to a BYU football game this season, let us know, we'd love to go with you guys.

P.S.S. I know, don't you love Zaron's shirt. We kept telling him before we left that he needed to wear blue, (hint, hint) but he didn't. As it turned out, he had more of the other team's colors on, than our team. Oh well, what do you do?