September 17, 2008

Mom's Always Find Out!

At the beginning of the growing season I was weeding our front flower bed when I found some seedlings.  I wasn't sure what they were but strangely enough they were all lined up along our porch.  Having discovered via our sunflowers that letting random plants grow can be interesting, I left the seedlings alone.  After a few weeks I took the healthiest of the ten and moved them to a spot that was better watered.

Soon the leafs became bigger and it became apparent that what I had growing was watermelon. Obviously, at some point last summer my children or umm maybe even Hubby had sat on the front porch, eating watermelon, and spitting the seeds into my flower bed.

Through out the summer the watermelon kept producing flowers but no watermelon.  Knowing that a lot of the fruits and vegetables you buy at the store won't necessarily produce more from their seeds, we wondered if maybe we were letting a watermelon vine grow and we would never get a watermelon. 

Well a few weeks before school started we spotted several of these little guys.  

They were actual watermelons.  I realized at this point that I had never seen a watermelon smaller than the ones you buy at the store.  It was so strange and little (sorry dad, maybe we grew them as kids but I don't remember). Right as school started they were this big. Henry is the one holding them so you have an idea of their size.

Today the watermelons are the size of bowling balls and we have three of them. We have been pulling all the rest off in order to give the three all the growing power they can get.  Especially considering that any moment the weather could drop below freezing.  The official end of growing season in these parts.

It has been fun to let all these random plants grow this summer.  We have had sunflowers, watermelon and about a month ago we discovered a cantaloupe plant growing in our side yard.  We have no idea how that came to be and while it has grown a couple of fruits they are so small we doubt we will pick any fruit off of it.

Meanwhile, I have enjoyed torturing the hubby and kids that eventually I will always find out what they have been up to.


Race Fam said...

That is so cool how you have random things growing in your yard! It must be that Utah soil! All we get in our yard are different varieties of weeds!

Yes, Caden's socks for soccer are orange, I am just glad he isn't the pinkish color he was last year!

Sharonda and Zaron said...

Okay, so scary was probably the wrong word. I should've said suspenseful movies. Although, I do love a good scare now and again. I can say that now that it's been almost 13 years. Actually, I don't blame you for scarring me. It's not like you put a gun to my head and said you have to watch this psycho clown.