September 16, 2008

Our Beast, No I don't mean my children.

Currently we have two animals in our home.  The first being Izzy who I have previously talked about. She is quite the character who is becoming more and more Brent's dog.  One of the things we read about Mastiffs is that they have really good ears and start to recognize the noises of the people they love.  Sometimes I know Brent is home before he even pulls into the drive way because Izzy runs to the door and starts thumping her tail.  Most of Brent's welcome homes come from Izzy since she wants to talk to him and keeps the rest of us away until she has her chance. 

Our second animal is Carmen she is a cat. I wont tell you what Brent calls her, lets just say Brent is not a fan of cats.  However, the great thing about cats, they really don't care what you think of them.  Carmen is a character.  If we leave her alone and go out of town she tears things up.  Most of the time something that makes Brent yell and stomp around the house.  She loves the kids and barely tolerates us adults.  Most nights she can be found in one of their beds.  She changes who is her favorite and you can never predict who will be the chosen one.  She loves catnip.  I don't think I can quite express this love.  Short of obsessive. Below is a picture of her with the catnip.  When was the last time you loved something so much that you rolled around on the floor hugging it.

Currently Carmen's obsession is birds.  Brent has hung a humming bird feeder outside our bedroom window.  Several times a day the humming birds are in and out of it eating.  Carmen sits on the window seal and stares and stares and stares and licks her lips and thinks, "If only this screen would go away."  The other day I watched a humming bird dance around right in front of her nose.  I swear that bird was saying, "Ha Ha you can't get me." Poor Carmen, it is almost cruel. Which is why I think Brent gets such a kick out of it. 
Go ahead click on this picture and feel Carmen's pain.

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