September 27, 2008


Can you say this in one breath: SUPER SOCCER,SWIM, PICTURE, WOMEN'S CONFERENCE SATURDAY. Ok, you can breathe now.  As you may have gathered today was a very busy, busy day.  We started at 6:30am getting up and going in order to get to Andrew's very first swim meet. It was a pretty exciting meet, watching Andrew really get a chance to test out his swim abilities.  He has been on the team for about 6 months and was more then ready for this day.  

He participated in three events the 50 back, 50 breast and the 50 free.  He did awesome on his 50 back his very first event ever. Here is a pic of his time.

After the meet Andrew changed into his soccer uniform and we made a run to his game.  Where he was so pumped up he scored a goal and came close time and time again. It was really fun to watch Andrew have a successful athletic day.  After soccer we had to run and have a team picture taken.

What you can't see in the above picture is the return of Andrew's Mo-hawk.  Last night in celebration of his first meet I shaved his head with the exception of the strip on top.  During his soccer game and pictures he had it all spiked up.  After the game the coach said that he played so well that he thinks it was the Mo-Hawk. Oh brother! The deal with the mo-hawk is he has to shave it before church on Sunday so pour kid wont be as good next week.

At Andrew's game I was sitting next to a neighbor (Hubby was at Sam's soccer game) as we watched the game she received no less then 15 phone calls.  All of them from sisters, sister-n-laws, mom and mom-n-laws inviting her to the Woman's Broadcast and girls night out. I laughed each time the phone rang.  Because each time she explained that she had a long enough day and wasn't going to the broadcast. As the phone rang for the 10th time I told her she should just go. She was exasperated! I then said, "Well you don't hear my phone ringing do you?  All of my family lives in California (I know Sharonda, but it isn't like either one of us is going to travel two hours to go together:)) so going with family is a little out of the question. You should go." Well she didn't change her mind and I left the game feeling a little picked on. 

Just one of those moments that you wish you lived closer to family.  Well everybody made it home after a long morning and afternoon of soccer, swimming and pictures.  I lied down for my "I am exhausted from cheering nap," when the phone rang.  It was a friend asking me to go to the broadcast with her and some other friends.  

I started laughing and accepted the invitation.  Even though it meant getting up, getting pretty and getting out the door, again! I felt that I couldn't mope that I had no one to go with and then turn down an invitation to go with someone.  I knew it was one of the reasons I was grateful for the friends that are in my life.

If you went to the Broadcast or saw it on TV you know it was a wonderful conference.  All the speakers did a wonderful job.  I especially loved President Uchtdorf's talk.  What a wonderful sense of humour he has and right now I need all of the laughter I can get. Also, I loved his message about our inner creativity and how important it is for us to explore and develop those creative parts of us. I also, really enjoyed Sis. Thompson's talk.  Actually, I just enjoyed watching her talk.  What a wonderful smile I just wanted to go to Salt Lake and meet her and make her my friend.  I love people that have smiles that light up their whole being.  How do I become one of those people?

As I write this post I am reminded of a book that I read that said something like, "What we put out into the universe comes back to us."  I think it is funny the day after I post some of the things that I am grateful for that I had a whole day of examples of those things. Maybe I should work on being grateful more often.

Hard to believe but we are down to just three more SUPER SOCCER SATURDAYS.  This week was such a great week I almost don't want them to end.  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

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The Larson Family said...

Hey I was thinking about you during Pres. Uchtdorf's talk last night.... you create flowers and gardens!!! Wish I had such a talent!! :0) Have a great day!